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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione absent

Inglese grammatica



absent (third-person singular simple present absents, present participle absenting, simple past and past participle absented)

  1. (transitive, with reflexive pronoun) To go away from a place; to leave.
    • (Can we date this quote?) Addison — If after due summons any member absents himself, he is to be fined.
  2. (transitive, obsolete) To withhold from being present
    • 1851, John Milton, The Paradise Lost — Go; for thy stay, not free, absents thee more.

absent m. (plural absents)

  1. absentee; missing person

absent (not comparable)

  1. Being away from a place; withdrawn from a place; not present.
    • 1623, William Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well, II-iii
      Expecting absent friends.
  2. Not existing; lacking.
    The part was rudimental or absent.
  3. Inattentive to what is passing; absent-minded; preoccupied.
    • 1746-1747, Chesterfield, Letters to his Son
      What is commonly called an absent man is commonly either a very weak or a very affected man.


  1. In the absence of; without.
    • 1919, State vs. Britt, Supreme Court of Missouri, Division 2, in The Southwestern Reporter, page 427
      If the accused refuse upon demand to pay money or deliver property (absent any excuse or excusing circumstance) which came into his hands as a bailee, such refusal might well constitute some evidence of conversion, with the requisite fraudulent intent required by the statute.
    • 2011, David Elstein, letter, London Review of Books, XXXIII.15:
      the Princess Caroline case [...] established that – absent a measurable ‘public interest’ in publication – she was safe from being photographed while out shopping.
Traduzione italiano assente |distratto |lontano |assentarsi |essere assente |mancante |mancare |restar lontano |

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