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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione as

Inglese grammatica




  1. imperative of ase

as (plural asses)

  1. (unit of weight) A libra.
  2. Any of several coins of Rome, coined in bronze or later copper; or the equivalent value.

as f pl accusative (nominative elas, oblique elas, dative lles)

  1. them (feminine plural third-person personal pronoun)

as (not comparable)

  1. To such an extent or degree.
    You’re not as tall as I am.
    Its not as well made, but its twice as expensive.
  2. In the manner or role specified.
    The kidnappers released him as agreed.
    The parties were seen as agreeing on a range of issues.
    He was never seen as the boss, rather than as a friend.
  3. (dated) For example.
    • 1913, ""Aboriginal"", in Websters Unabridged Dictionary:
      First; original; indigenous; primitive; native; as, the aboriginal tribes of America.

as f. pl.

  1. the
    As mesachas de Zaragoza = ""The girls from Saragossa""


  1. Introducing a basis of comparison, with an object in the objective case.
    You are not as tall as me.
  2. In the role of.
    What is your opinion as a parent?
    The movie features Al Gore as a streetwise pimp.


  1. In the same way that; according to what.
    As you wish, my lord!
  2. At the same instant that; when.
    As I came in, she flew.
  3. At the same time that; while.
    He sleeps as the rain falls.
  4. Varying through time in the same proportion that.
    As my fear grew, so did my legs become heavy.
  5. Considering that, because, since.
    As it’s too late, I quit.
  6. Introducing a basis of comparison, after as, so, or a comparison of equality.
    Shes twice as strong as an ox.
    Its not so complicated as I expected.
    Theyre big as houses.
  7. (obsolete) Introducing a comparison with a hypothetical state ( subjunctive); ‘as though’, ‘as if’. [13th-19th c.]
    • 1526, William Tyndale, trans. Bible, Acts II:
      And sodenly there cam a sounde from heven as it had bene the commynge off a myghty wynde [...].
    • c. 1616, William Shakespeare, King Henry VI part 2, First Folio 1623, I.1:
      Oft haue I seene the haughty Cardinall, / More like a Souldier then a man oth Church, / As stout and proud as he were Lord of all [...].
  8. (now dialectal) Functioning as a relative conjunction; that. [from 14th c.]
    • 1621, Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy, II.5.1.v:
      the temper is to be altered and amended, with such things as fortify and strengthen the heart and brain [...].
Traduzione italiano come |quanto |mentre |quando |siccome |tanto |Sei grande come me |altrettanto |che |considerato |considerato che |così |dal momento che |giacché |in quanto |man mano |perché |poiché |quale |quite |sebbene |secondo |simile |uguale |visto |visto che |

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