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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione big

Inglese grammatica



big (third-person singular simple present bigs, present participle bigging, simple past and past participle bigged) (up)

  1. (transitive) To praise or recommend

big (plural bigs)

  1. An important or powerful person; a celebrity; a big name.
  2. (as plural) The big leagues, big time
    • 2004 June 23, Michelle Boorstein, “Ballclub^s Pullout Caps Va. Town^s Run of Woes; Struggling Martinsville No Longer Celebrates Its Boys of Summer”, Washington Post:
      In the Appalachian League, where Cal Ripken once played in Bluefield, W.Va., a ballplayers chances of making it to the bigs are less than one in six.

big (comparative bigger, superlative biggest)

  1. Of great size, large.
    Elephants are big animals, and they eat a lot.
  2. (of an industry or other field) Thought to have undue influence.
    There were concerns about the ethics of big science.
  3. Popular.
    That style is very big right now in Europe, especially among teenagers.
  4. (informal) Adult.
    Kids should get help from big people if they want to use the kitchen.
  5. (informal) Fat.
    Gosh, she is big!
  6. (informal) Important or significant.
    Whats so big about that? I do it all the time.
    • 2011 October 29, Neil Johnston, “Norwich 3 - 3 Blackburn”, BBC Sport:
      It proved a big miss as Hoilett produced a sublime finish into the top corner of the net from 20 yards after evading a couple of challenges in first-half stoppage time.
  7. (informal, with on) Enthusiastic (about).
    Im not big on the idea, but if you want to go ahead with it, I wont stop you.
  8. (informal) Mature, conscientious, principled.
    Thats very big of you, thank you!
    I tried to be the bigger person and just let it go, but I couldnt help myself.
  9. (informal) Well-endowed, possessing large breasts in the case of a woman or a large penis in the case of a man.
    Woah, Nadia has gotten pretty big ever since she hit puberty.

big (comparative bigger, superlative biggest)

  1. In a loud manner.
  2. In a boasting manner.
    Hes always talking big, but he never delivers.
  3. In a large amount or to a large extent.
    He won big betting on the croquet championship.
  4. On a large scale, expansively
    Youve got to think big to succeed at Amalgamated Plumbing.
  5. Hard.
    He hit him big and the guy just crumpled.
Traduzione italiano grande |grosso |importante |alto |ampio |enorme |forte |generoso |grandioso |grando |gravido |grossu |grànne |immenso |lauto |lungo |maestoso |magnifico |molto |notevole |pieno |potente |principale |troppo |vasto |

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