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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione block

Inglese grammatica



block (third-person singular simple present blocks, present participle blocking, simple past and past participle blocked)

  1. (transitive) To fill (something) so that it is not possible to pass.
    The pipe is blocked.
  2. (transitive) To prevent (something or someone) from passing.
    Youre blocking the road - I cant get through.
  3. (transitive) To prevent (something from happening or someone from doing something).
    His plan to take over the business was blocked by the boss.
  4. (transitive, sports) To impede an opponent.
    He blocked the basketball players shot.
    The offensive linemen tried to block the blitz.
  5. (transitive, theater) To specify the positions and movements of the actors.
    It was very difficult to block this scene convincingly.
  6. (transitive, cricket) To hit with a block.
  7. (intransitive, cricket) To play a block shot.
  8. (transitive) To disable communication via telephone, instant messaging, etc., with an undesirable someone.
    I tried to message, but you blocked me!
  9. (computing) (intransitive) To wait.
    When the condition expression is false, the thread blocks on the condition variable.
  10. (transitive) to shape or mould [a hat] into the desired shape.

block (plural blocks)

  1. A substantial, often approximately cuboid, piece of any substance.
    A block of ice.
    A block of stone.
  2. A cuboid of wood, plastic or other material used as a base on which to cut something.
    Anne Boleyn placed her head on the block and awaited her execution.
  3. A group of urban lots of property, several acres in extent, not crossed by public streets
    Im going for a walk around the block.
  4. A residential building consisting of flats.
    A block of flats.
  5. The distance from one street to another in a city that is built (approximately) to a grid pattern.
    The place you are looking for is two long blocks east and one short block north.
  6. (slang) The human head.
    Ill knock your block off.
  7. A set of sheets (of paper) joined together at one end.
    A block of 100 tickets.
  8. (computing) A logical data storage unit containing one or more physical sectors (see cluster).
  9. (computing) A region of code in a program that acts as a single unit, such as a function or loop.
  10. (rigging) A case with one or more sheaves/pulleys, used with ropes to increase or redirect force, for example, as part of the rigging of a sailing ship.
  11. (chemistry) A portion of a macromolecule, comprising many units, that has at least one feature not present in adjacent portions.
  12. Something that prevents something from passing (see blockage).
    Theres a block in the pipe that means the water cant get through.
  13. (sports) An action to interfere with the movement of an opposing player or of the object of play (ball, puck).
    • 2011 February 12, Oliver Brett, “Sunderland 1 - 2 Tottenham”, BBC:
      The match proved an unedifying spectacle until Spurs won a corner following their first move of real quality, John Mensah making an important block with Jermain Defoe poised to strike.
  14. (cricket) A shot played by holding the bat vertically in the path of the ball, so that it loses momentum and drops to the ground.
  15. (volleyball) A defensive play by one or more players meant to deflect a spiked ball back to the hitter’s court.
  16. (philately) A joined group of four (or in some cases nine) postage stamps, forming a roughly square shape.
  17. A section of split logs used as fuel.
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