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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione blue

Inglese grammatica



blue (third-person singular simple present blues, present participle blueing or bluing, simple past and past participle blued)

  1. (ergative) To make or become blue.
  2. (transitive) (metallurgy) To treat the surface of steel so that it is passivated chemically and becomes more resistant to rust.

blue (plural blues)

  1. The colour of the clear sky or the deep sea, between green and violet in the visible spectrum, and one of the primary additive colours for transmitted light; the colour obtained by subtracting red and green from white light using magenta and cyan filters; or any colour resembling this.
  2. A blue dye or pigment.
  3. Bluing.
  4. Blue clothing
    The boys in blue marched to the pipers.
  5. plural A blue uniform. See blues.
  6. The sky, literally or figuratively.
    The ball came out of the blue and cracked his windshield.
    His request for leave came out of the blue.
  7. The ocean; deep waters.
  8. Anything blue, especially to distinguish it from similar objects differing only in color.
  9. (snooker) One of the colour balls used in snooker with a value of 5 points.
  10. Any of the blue-winged butterflies of the subfamily Polyommatinae in the family Lycaenidae.
  11. A bluefish.
  12. (Australian, colloquial) An argument.
    • 2008, Cheryl Jorgensen, The Taint, page 135,
      If they had a blue between themselves, they kept it there, it never flowed out onto the streets to innocent people — like a lot of things that have been happenin′ on the streets today.
    • 2009, John Gilfoyle, Remember Cannon Hill, page 102,
      On another occasion, there was a blue between Henry Daniels and Merv Wilson down at the pig sale. I don′t know what it was about, it only lasted a minute or so, but they shook hands when it was over and that was the end of it.
    • 2011, Julietta Jameson, Me, Myself and Lord Byron, unnumbered page,
      I was a bit disappointed. Was that it? No abuse like Lord Byron had endured? Not that I was wishing that upon myself. It was just that a blue between my parents, albeit a raging, foul, bile-spitting hate fest, was not exactly Charles Dickens.
  13. A liquid with an intense blue colour, added to a laundry wash to prevent yellowing of white clothes.
  14. (UK) a type of firecracker

blue (comparative bluer, superlative bluest)

  1. Having a bluish colour shade.
  2. (informal) Depressed, melancholic, sad.
  3. (entertainment, informal) Pornographic or profane.
  4. (US, politics) Supportive of, run by, pertaining to, or dominated by a political party represented by the colour blue. (e.g. The Conservatives, the Democrats)
    I live in a blue constituency.
    Congress turned blue in the mid-term elections.
  5. (astronomy) Of the higher-frequency region of the part of the electromagnetic spectrum which is relevant in the specific observation.
  6. (of steak) Extra rare; left very raw and cold.
  7. (of a dog) Possessing a coat of fur that is a shade of gray


  1. bluely
    blue colour:    
Traduzione italiano blu |azzurro |azzurra |triste |abbattuto |depresso |abbacchiato |blu scuro |brunire |celeste |ceruleo |colorare di blu |depressione |far diventare blu |giù di morale |grigio |indecente |infelice |nero |osceno |pornografico |turchese |turchino |

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