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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione finger

Inglese grammatica



finger (third-person singular simple present fingers, present participle fingering, simple past and past participle fingered)

  1. (transitive) To identify or point out. Ex.: put the finger on To report to or identify for the authorities, rat on, rat out, squeal on, tattle on, turn in, to finger.
  2. (transitive) To poke or probe with a finger.
    • 2009, Win Blevins, Dreams Beneath Your Feet, page 135:
      Feeling tender around the face, she fingered herself gingerly. Yes, it was swollen, very sore around the cheekbones, with dried blood on the outsides of her eye sockets, below her nostrils, and below one ear.
  3. (transitive) To use the fingers to penetrate and sexually stimulate ones own or another persons vagina or anus.
    • 2007, Madeline Bastinado, A Talent for Surrender, page 201:
      She fingered him, spreading the gel and sliding the tip of her finger inside him.
    • 2008, Thomas Wainwright (editor), Erotic Tales, page 56:
      She smiled, a look of amazement on her face, as if thinking that maybe this was the cock that she had been fantasizing about just now, as she fingered herself to a massive, body-engulfing orgasm.
  4. (transitive, music) To use specified finger positions in producing notes on a musical instrument.
  5. (transitive, music) To provide instructions in written music as to which fingers are to be used to produce particular notes or passages.
  6. (transitive, computing) To query (a users status) using the Finger protocol.
    • 1996, ""Yves Bellefeuille"", List of useful freeware (on newsgroup comp.archives.msdos.d)
      PGP mail welcome (finger me for my key).

finger (plural fingers)

  1. (anatomy) One of the long extremities of the hand, sometimes excluding the thumb.
    Human hands have 5 fingers: the thumb, the forefinger (or index finger), the middle finger, the ring finger and the little finger.
    • Eleanor Stackhouse Atkinson, The How and Why Library, Life, Section VIII,
      We have five senses and five fingers and five toes. The starfish eats with five fingers.
    • Popular Science Monthly, Vol. 89, p. 81, 1916:
      Each finger extended represents one-eighth of a cent. Thus when all four fingers and the thumb are extended, all being spread out from one another, it means five-eighths.
  2. A piece of food resembling such an extremity.
    chocolate fingers
  3. (also finger pier) A walkway extending from a dock, an airport terminal, etc, used by passengers to board a waiting ship or aeroplane.
  4. An amount of liquid, usually alcohol, in a glass, with the depth of a fingers length.
    Hey buddy, is something bothering ya? Want me to pour you a finger?
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