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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione hard

Inglese grammatica




  1. first-person singular present indicative of harden.
  2. imperative of harden.

hard (plural hards)

  1. (nautical) A firm or paved beach or slope convenient for hauling vessels out of the water

hard (comparative harder, superlative hardest)

  1. Resistant to pressure.
  2. Requiring a lot of effort to do or understand
    a hard problem
    • 1988, An Oracle, Edmund White
      Ray found it hard to imagine having accumulated so many mannerisms before the dawn of sex, of the sexual need to please, of the staginess sex encourages or the tightly capped wells of poisoned sexual desire the disappointed must stand guard over.
  3. Demanding a lot of effort to endure.
    a hard life
  4. (of a person) , severe, harsh, unfriendly, brutal.
  5. Unquestionable.
    hard evidence
    • 2011 December 19, Kerry Brown, “Kim Jong-il obituary”, The Guardian:
      Unsurprisingly for a man who went into mourning for three years after the death in 1994 of his own father, the legendary leader Kim Il-sung, and who in the first 30 years of his political career made no public statements, even to his own people, Kims career is riddled with claims, counter claims, speculation, and contradiction. There are few hard facts about his birth and early years.
  6. Of drink, strong.
  7. (of a road intersection) Having a comparatively larger or a ninety-degree angle.
    At the intersection, there are two roads going to the left. Take the hard left.
  8. Of water, high in dissolved calcium compounds.
  9. (slang, vulgar, of a male) Sexually aroused.
    I got so hard watching two hot guys wrestle each other on the beach.
  10. (bodybuilding) Having muscles that are tightened as a result of intense, regular exercise.
  11. (physics) Of a ferromagnetic material, having the capability of being a permanent magnet by being a material with high magnetic coercivity (compare soft)

hard (comparative harder, superlative hardest)

  1. (manner) With much force or effort.
    He hit the puck hard up the ice.
    They worked hard all week.
    At the intersection, bear hard left.
    The recession hit them especially hard.
    Think hard on your choices.
    • 1985, Michael A. Arbib, In search of the person: philosophical explorations in cognitive science, page 119:
      What, then, of the voluntarists sense that one often has to think long and hard before making agonizing choices?
  2. (manner) With difficulty.
    His degree was hard earned.
  3. (manner) Compactly.
    The lake had finally frozen hard.
  4. (now archaic) Near, close.
    • 1999, George RR Martin, A Clash of Kings, Bantam 2011, p. 418:
      It was another long days march before they glimpsed the towers of Harrenhal in the distance, hard beside the blue waters of the lake.
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