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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione high

Inglese grammatica



high (plural highs)

  1. A period of euphoria, from excitement or from an intake of drugs
    That pill gave me a high for a few hours, before I had a comedown
  2. (informal) A large area of elevated atmospheric pressure; an anticyclone.
  3. The maximum atmospheric temperature recorded at a particular location, especially during one 24-hour period.

high (comparative higher, superlative highest)

  1. Being elevated in position or status, a state of being above many things.
  2. Tall, lofty, at a great distance above the ground (at high altitude).
  3. (slang) To be under the influence of a mood affecting drug; stoned.
  4. Of a quantity or value, great or large.
    My bank charges me a high interest rate.
  5. (acoustics) Of greater frequency, or with more rapid wave oscillations.
    The note was too high for her to sing.
  6. (of a body of water) With tall waves.
    • 1939, Agatha Christie, Ten Little Niggers, chapter 11:
      ""The sea is as high as ever. I shouldnt think any boat could put out today.""
  7. (of meat, especially venison) Decomposing, rotting (to an extent which is desired by some).
    The tailor liked his meat high.

high (comparative higher, superlative highest)

  1. In or to an elevated position.
    How high above land did you fly?
  2. In or at a great value.
    Costs have grown higher this year again.
  3. In a pitch of great frequency.
    I certainly cant sing that high.
Traduzione italiano alto |elevato |fatto |flippato |eccitato |fuso |gasato |illustre |schizzato |scoppiato |su di giri |drogato |slanciato |acuto |alta marea |altezzoso |alticcio |altissimo |ampio |avanzato |brillo |caro |costoso |eminente |enorme |forte |fortemente |frollato |grande |grandioso |importante |in alto |intenso |lungo |maestoso |magnifico |principale |superiore |ubriaco |vasto |

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