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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione house

Inglese grammatica



house (third-person singular simple present houses, present participle housing, simple past and past participle housed)

  1. (transitive) To keep within a structure or container.
    The car is housed in the garage.
  2. (transitive) To admit to residence; to harbor/harbour.
  3. (transitive, astrology) To dwell within one of the twelve astrological houses.
  4. (transitive) To contain or cover mechanical parts.

house (plural houses or (dialectal) housen)

  1. A structure serving as an abode of human beings.
    This is my house and my familys ancestral home.
  2. The mode of living as if in a house.
    They set up house in a posh apartment.
  3. The usual place to find an object or an animal.
    The photo was put in its little house.
  4. A structure to protect or store something or someone.
    The former carriage house had been made over into a guest house.
  5. A protective structure on the deck of a ship.
    A pilot took charge of the wheel house until the ship was moored.
  6. A theatre building, or the audience for a live theatrical or similar performance.
    After her swan-song, there wasnt a dry eye in the house.
    Is there a doctor in the house?
  7. (politics) A deliberative assembly forming a component of a legislature, or, more rarely, the room or building in which such an assembly normally meets.
  8. ​ An establishment, whether actual, as a pub, or virtual, as a website.
  9. (business) A company or organisation.
    A small publishing house would have a contract with an independent fulfillment house.
  10. A dynasty, a familial descendance, for example, a royal House.
    The current Queen is from the House of Windsor.
  11. (astrology) One of the twelve divisions of an astrological chart.
  12. A grouping of schoolchildren for the purposes of competition in sports and other activities.
    I was a member of Spenser house when I was at school.
  13. House music.
  14. (curling) The three concentric circles where points are scored on the ice
  15. An early or alternative name for the game bingo.
  16. (UK) A complete set of numbers in bingo.
  17. (uncountable, US) An aggregate of characteristics of a house.
    • 1990 Feb 24, “Goin South Affordable is trendy in these suburbs”, Chicago Tribune:
      In comparison with the western suburbs, we felt we could get a lot more house for the money.
    • 2005 Jan 16, “DOWNSIZERS LIVE IT UP - BABY BOOMERS WANT SMALLER HOMES WITH LOTS OF...”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
      Theres just a huge number of people who are close to retirement and feel they have too much house on too much property.
    • 2007 Nov 6, “When Will the Slump End?”, Newsweek:
      Those homeowners who bought too much house, or borrowed against inflated values are now going to be liable for their own poor decisions
  18. (Discuss() this sense) (uncountable) A childrens game in which the players pretend to be members of a household.
    As the babysitter, Emma always acted as the mother whenever the kids demanded to play house.
Traduzione italiano casa |alloggiare |collocare |custodire |abitazione |albergare |assemblea |camera |casata |case |clinica |convento |cèsa |dimora |dinastia |ditta |edificio |famiglia |ospitare |pensione |pubblico |taverna |teatro |tetto |villetta |

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