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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione little

Inglese grammatica



little (comparative less, lesser or littler, superlative least or littlest)

  1. Small in size.
    This is a little table.
  2. Insignificant, trivial.
    Its of little importance.
  3. Very young.
    Did he tell you any embarrassing stories about when she was little?
    Thats the biggest little boy Ive ever seen.
  4. (of a sibling) Younger.
    This is my little sister.
  5. Used with the name of place, especially of a country, to denote a neighborhood whose residents or storekeepers are from that place.
    • 1871 October 18, The One-eyed Philosopher [pseudonym], ""Street Corners"", in Judy: or the London serio-comic journal, volume 9, page 255 [1]:
      If you want to find Little France, take any turning on the north side of Leicester square, and wander in a zigzag fashion Oxford Streetwards. The Little is rather smokier and more squalid than the Great France upon the other side of the Manche.
    • 2004, Barry Miles, Zappa: A Biography, 2005 edition, ISBN 080214215X, page 5:
      In the forties, hurdy-gurdy men could still be heard in all those East Coast cities with strong Italian neighbourhoods: New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston. A visit to Baltimores Little Italy at that time was like a trip to Italy itself.

little (comparative less or lesser, superlative least)

  1. Not much.
    This is a little known fact.
    She spoke little and listened less.
Traduzione italiano piccolo |poco |alquanto |basso |breve |ciùcu |corto |esiguo |giovane |insignificante |limitato |meno |meschino |minore |minuscolo |minuto |piccino |piccola |pochi |po’ |pìcculu |qualcosa |scarso |un poco |un pò |

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