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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione mass

Inglese grammatica



mass (third-person singular simple present masses, present participle massing, simple past and past participle massed)

  1. (intransitive, obsolete) To celebrate mass.

mass (plural masses)

  1. (religion) The Eucharist, now especially in Roman Catholicism.
  2. (religion) Celebration of the Eucharist.
  3. (religion, usually as the Mass) The sacrament of the Eucharist.
  4. A musical setting of parts of the mass.

mass (not comparable)

  1. Involving a mass of things; cencerning a large quantity or number.
    There is evidence of mass extinctions in the distant past.
    • 1988, V. V. Zagladin, Vitaly Baskakov, International Working Class and Communist Movement: Historical Record, 1830s to Mid-1940s, page 236,
      The national liberation movement had not yet developed to a sufficiently mass scale.
    • 1989, Creighton Peden, Larry E. Axel (editors), God, Values, and Empiricism: Issues in Philosophical Theology, page 2,
      With perhaps unprecedented magnitude and clarity, Auschwitz brings theologians and philosophers face to face with the facts of suffering on an incredibly mass scale, with issues poignantly raised concerning the absence of divine intervention or the inadequacies of divine power or benevolence; […] .
    • 2010, John Horne, A Companion to World War I, page 159,
      The air arms did more than provide the warring nations with individual heroes, for their individual exploits occurred within the context of an increasingly mass aerial effort in a war of the masses.
  2. Involving a mass of people; of, for, or by the masses.
    Mass unemployment resulted from the financial collapse.
    • 1958, Child Welfare, volume 37, page 2:
      Every agency is sold on use of mass media today — or at least, it thinks it is — and what can be ""masser"" than television?
    • 1970, James Wilson White, The Sōkagakkai and Mass Society, page 3,
      While agreeing with Bell on the unlikelihood that any fully mass — in the sense of atomized and alienated — society has ever existed,5 I believe that at any point in time, in any social system, some elements may be characterized as ""masses.""
    • 1974, Edward Abraham Cohn, The Political Economy of Environmental Enhancement, page 91:
      Undoubtedly this is the case; at least it is ""masser"" than in Pinchots time.
    • 1999 December, Sara Miles, Rebel with a Cause, in Out, page 132,
      But it also highlights the changes that have taken place in gay and AIDS activism, and the way that a formerly mass movement has been recast.
    • 2000, Howie Klein, Queer as role models, in The Advocate, number 825, 21 November 2000, page 9:
      The director didnt make the images up; theyre there, but in putting that one slice of gay life into the massest of mass media — the amoral promiscuity, the drug and alcohol abuse, the stereotyped flamboyance and campiness, the bitchy queeniness and flimsy values — something very dangerous happens [...]
    • 2001, Brian Moeran. Asian Media Productions, page 13:
      [...] if only because it promises the ‘massest’ of mass markets.
    • 2004, John R. Hall, Gone from the Promised Land: Jonestown in American Cultural History, page 79,
      Finally, in the past century, secular culture itself has undergone a transition from predominantly folk styles to an overwhelmingly mass culture, […] .
    • 2007, Thomas Peele, Queer popular culture: literature, media, film, and television, page 11:
      As a right, we come to expect it, and that happens through the mass media, the massest of which, by far, is television.
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