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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione spread

Inglese grammatica



spread (third-person singular simple present spreads, present participle spreading, simple past and past participle spread)

  1. (transitive) To stretch out, open out (a material etc.) so that it more fully covers a given area of space. [from 13th c.]
    He spread his newspaper on the table.
  2. (transitive) To extend (individual rays, limbs etc.); to stretch out in varying or opposing directions. [from 13th c.]
    I spread my arms wide and welcomed him home.
  3. (transitive) To disperse, to scatter or distribute over a given area. [from 13th c.]
    I spread the rice grains evenly over the floor.
  4. (intransitive) To proliferate; to become more widely present, to be disseminated. [from 13th c.]
    • 2008, Wikipedia:Age of Enlightenment[1]:
      The movement spread through much of Europe, including Russia and Scandinavia.
  5. (transitive) To disseminate; to cause to proliferate, to make (something) widely known or present. [from 14th c.]
    The missionaries quickly spread their new message across the country.
  6. (intransitive) To take up a larger area or space; to expand, be extended. [from 14th c.]
    I dropped my glass; the water spread quickly over the tiled floor.
  7. (transitive) To smear, to distribute in a thin layer. [from 16th c.]
    She liked to spread butter on her toast while it was still hot.""
  8. (transitive) To cover (something) with a thin layer of some substance, as of butter. [from 16th c.]
    He always spreads his toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam.
  9. (intransitive, slang) To open one’s legs. [from 20th c.]
    • 1984, w:Martin Amis, Money:
      This often sounds like the rap of a demented DJ: the way she moves has got to be good news, cant get loose till I feel the juice— suck and spread, bitch, yeah bounce for me baby.
    • 1991, Tori Amos, ""Me and a Gun"":
      Yes I wore a slinky red thing. Does that mean I should spread for you, your friends, your father, Mr Ed?
    • 2003, Outkast, ""Spread"" (from the album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below):
      I dont want to move too fast, but
      Cant resist your sexy ass
      Just spread, spread for me
      (I cant, I cant wait to get you home)

spread (plural spreads)

  1. The act of spreading or something that has been spread.
  2. An expanse of land.
  3. A piece of material used as a cover (such as a bedspread).
  4. A large meal, especially one laid out on a table.
  5. (bread, etc.) Any form of food designed to be spread such as butters or jams
  6. An item in a newspaper or magazine that occupies more than one column or page.
  7. A numerical difference.
  8. (business, economics) The difference between the wholesale and retail prices.
  9. (trading, economics, finance) The difference between the price of a futures month and the price of another month of the same commodity.
  10. (trading, finance) The purchase of a futures contract of one delivery month against the sale of another futures delivery month of the same commodity.
  11. (trading, finance) The purchase of one delivery month of one commodity against the sale of that same delivery month of a different commodity.
  12. (trading) An arbitrage transaction of the same commodity in two markets, executed to take advantage of a profit from price discrepancies.
  13. (trading) The difference between bidding and asking price.
  14. (finance) The difference between the prices of two similar items.
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