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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione stand

Inglese grammatica



stand (third-person singular simple present stands, present participle standing, simple past stood, past participle stood or (archaic) standen)

  1. (intransitive) To be upright, support oneself on the feet in an erect position.
    Here I stand, wondering what to do next.
  2. (intransitive) To rise to one’s feet; to stand up.
    Stand up, walk to the refrigerator, and get your own snack.
  3. (intransitive) To remain motionless.
    Do not leave your car standing in the road.
  4. (intransitive, cricket) To act as an umpire.
  5. (intransitive) To undergo; withstand; hold up.
    The works of Shakespeare have stood the test of time.
  6. (transitive, negative) To tolerate.
    I can’t stand when people don’t read the instructions.
    I can’t stand her.
  7. (transitive) To place in an upright or standing position.
    He stood the broom in a corner and took a break.
  8. (intransitive, UK) To seek election.
    He is standing for election to the local council
  9. (intransitive, nautical) Of a ship or its captain, to steer, sail (in a specified direction, for a specified destination etc.).
    • 1630, John Smith, True Travels, in Kupperman 1988, p. 40:
      To repaire his defects, hee stood for the coast of Calabria, but hearing there was six or seven Galleyes at Mesina hee departed thence for Malta [...].
  10. (intransitive) to be valid.
    What I said yesterday still stands.
  11. (transitive) This word needs a definition. Please help out and add a definition, then remove the text {{rfdef}}.
    • 1957, Matt Christopher, Basketball Sparkplug, chapter 7 [1]:
      ""Kim, Jack, and I will stand you guys,"" Jimmie Burdette said.
      ""Well smear you!"" laughed Ron.
    • circa 1973, R. J. Childerhose, Hockey Fever in Goganne Falls, page 95 [2]:
      The game stopped while sides were sorted out. Andy did the sorting. ""Okay,"" he said. ""Jimmy is coming out. He and Gaston and Ike and me will stand you guys.""
    • 1978, Louis Sachar, Sideways Stories from Wayside School, chapter 21 [3]:
      ""Hey, Louis,"" Dameon shouted. ""Do you want to play kickball?""
      """"All right,"" said Louis. ""Ron and I will both play.""
      ""Ron and I will stand everybody!"" Louis announced.

stand (plural stands)

  1. A defensive position or effort.
  2. A resolute, unwavering position; firm opinion; action for a purpose in the face of opposition.
    They took a firm stand against copyright infringement.
  3. A period of performance in a given location or venue.
    They have a four-game stand at home against the Yankees.
    They spent the summer touring giving 4 one-night stands a week.
  4. A device to hold something upright or aloft.
    He set the music upon the stand and began to play.
  5. The platform on which a witness testifies in court; the witness stand or witness box.
    She took the stand and quietly answered questions.
  6. A particular grove or other group of trees or shrubs.
    This stand of pines is older than the one next to it.
  7. (forestry) A contiguous group of trees sufficiently uniform in age-class distribution, composition, and structure, and growing on a site of sufficiently uniform quality, to be a distinguishable unit.
  8. A standstill, a motionless state, as of someone confused, or a hunting dog who has found game.
    • 1625, Francis Bacon, “Of Truth”, Essays
      One of the later school of the Grecians, examineth the matter, and is at a stand, to think what should be in it, that men should love lies; where neither they make for pleasure, as with poets, nor for advantage, as with the merchant; but for the lie’s sake.
    • 1819, Lord Byron, Don Juan, I.168:
      Antonias patience now was at a stand— / ""Come, come, t is no time now for fooling there,"" / She whispered [...].
  9. A small building, booth, or stage, as in a bandstand or hamburger stand.
  10. A designated spot where someone or something may stand or wait: taxi stand.
  11. (sports) grandstand (often in plural)
    • 2011 November 11, Rory Houston, “Estonia 0-4 Republic of Ireland”, RTE Sport:
      The end of the opening period was relatively quite [sic] as Vassiljevs desperate shot from well outside the penalty area flew into the stand housing the Irish supporters and then Wards ctoss [sic] was gathered by goalkeeper Pareiko.
  12. (cricket) A partnership.
  13. (military, plural often stand) A single set, as of arms.
    • 1927, Herbert Asbury, The Gangs of New York: An Informal History of the Underworld, Paragon House (1990), ISBN 1-55778-348-9, page 170:
      The police and troops captured eleven thousand stand of arms, including muskets and pistols, together with several thousand bludgeons and other weapons.
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