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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione the

Inglese grammatica



the c.

  1. Archaic spelling of te. (""tea"")

thē m.

  1. that, that one


  1. Mutated form of te.


  1. With a comparative or more and a verb phrase, establishes a parallel with one or more other such comparatives.
    The hotter, the better.
    The more I think about it, the weaker it looks.
    The more money donated, the more books purchased, and the more happy children.
    It looks weaker and weaker, the more I think about it.
  2. With a comparative, and often with for it, indicates a result more like said comparative. This can be negated with none.
    It was a difficult time, but I’m the wiser for it.
    It was a difficult time, and I’m none the wiser for it.
    Im much the wiser for having had a difficult time like that.


  1. Definite grammatical article that implies necessarily that an entity it articulates is presupposed; something already mentioned, or completely specified later in that same sentence, or assumed already completely specified. [from 10th c.]
    I’m reading the book. (Compare I’m reading a book.)
    The street in front of your house. (Compare A street in Paris.)
    The men and women watched the man give the birdseed to the bird.
  2. Used before an object considered to be unique, or of which there is only one at a time. [from 10th c.]
    No one knows how many galaxies there are in the universe.
    God save the Queen!
  3. With a superlative, it and that superlative refer to one object. [from 9th c.]
    That apple pie was the best.
  4. Introducing a term to be taken generically; preceding a name of something standing for a whole class. [from 9th c.]
    • 1994, Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom, Abacus 2010, p. 536:
      Stern and God-fearing, the Afrikaner takes his religion seriously.
  5. Used before an adjective, indicating all things (especially persons) described by that adjective. [from 9th c.]
    Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable.
  6. Used to indicate a certain example of (a noun) which is most usually of concern, or most common or familiar. [from 12th c.]
    No one in the whole country had seen it before.
    I dont think Ill get to it until the morning.
  7. Used before a body part (especially of someone previously mentioned), as an alternative to a possessive pronoun. [from 12th c.]
    A stone hit him on the head. (= “A stone hit him on his head.”)
  8. When stressed, indicates that it describes an object which is considered to be best or exclusively worthy of attention. [from 18th c.]
    That is the hospital to go to for heart surgery.

the (no known Cyrillic variant)

  1. (Internet slang, informal) in order to, to
    neki kreten the ih drka emotivno
    some jerk to fuck with them emotionally
  2. (Internet slang, informal) if
    the ovo okačim na fb wall, garant ne bih opstala od borKINJa za ženska prava
    if I posted this on FB wall, I surelly wouldnt survive from women rights fighters
Traduzione italiano la |le |gli |i |lo |il |l' |gl' |del |della |là |the + '''comparative''' , the + '''comparative'''

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