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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione tight

Inglese grammatica



tight m. inv.

  1. morning suit, morning dress

tight (comparative tighter, superlative tightest)

  1. Pushed or pulled together.
    My socks are too tight.
  2. Of a space, etc, narrow, so that it is difficult for something or someone to pass through it.
    The passageway was so tight we could barely get through.
    They flew in a tight formation.
  3. Of a turn, sharp, so that the timeframe for making it is narrow and following it is difficult.
    The mountain pass was made dangerous by its many tight corners.
  4. Under high tension.
    Make sure to pull the rope tight.
    • 2011 November 10, Jeremy Wilson, “England Under 21 5 Iceland Under 21 0: match report”, Telegraph:
      The only negative from a comfortable first-half was the sight of Aston Villa’s Nathan Delfouneso being withdrawn with a tight hamstring after only 11 minutes.
  5. Well-rehearsed and accurate in execution.
    Their marching band is extremely tight.
  6. (slang) Intoxicated; drunk or acting like being drunk.
    We went drinking and got tight.
  7. (colloquial) Intimately friendly.
    Weve grown tighter over the years.
  8. (slang) Extraordinarily great or special.
    That is one tight bicycle!
  9. (slang, UK) Unfair; unkind.
    Dont do that. Thats tight.
  10. (slang, usually derogatory) Miserly or frugal.
    Hes a bit tight with his money
  11. (colloquial) Scarce, hard to come by.
    I grew up in a poor neighborhood; money was very tight, but we made do.
  12. (poker) A player who plays very few hands
  13. (poker) A strategy which involves playing very few hands

tight (comparative more tight, superlative most tight)

  1. Firmly, so as not to come loose easily.
    Make sure the lid is closed tight.
  2. Soundly.
    Good night, sleep tight.
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