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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione wit

Inglese grammatica



to wit (see below for this verb’s conjugation)

  1. (ambitransitive, chiefly archaic) Know, be aware of (construed with of when used intransitively).
    You committed terrible actions — to wit, murder and theft — and should be punished accordingly.
    They are meddling in matters that men should not wit of.
    • 1849, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, St. Luke the Painter, lines 5–8
      but soon having wist
      How sky-breadth and field-silence and this day
      Are symbols also in some deeper way,
      She looked through these to God and was God’s priest.

wit (plural wits)

  1. (now usually in the plural) Sanity.
    Hes gone completely out of his wits.
  2. (obsolete usually in the plural) The senses.
  3. Intellectual ability; faculty of thinking, reasoning.
    Where she has gone to is beyond the wit of man to say.
  4. The ability to think quickly; mental cleverness, especially under short time constraints.
    My father had a quick wit and a steady hand.
  5. Intelligence; common sense.
    The opportunity was right in front of you, and you didnt even have the wit to take it!
  6. Spoken humour, especially when clever or quick.
    The best mans speech was hilarious, full of wit and charm.
  7. A person who tells funny anecdotes or jokes; someone witty.
    Your friend is quite a wit, isnt he?

wit (personal)

  1. We two; nominative dual form of iċ.


  1. white


  1. eight
Traduzione italiano arguzia |genio |ingegno vivace |intelletto |senno |senso umoristico |burlone |cioè |giovialone |giudizio |ingegno |intelligenza |sale |spirito |umore |

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