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Dizionario di inglese del sito grammatica inglese: definizione traduzione e spiegazione grammaticale
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Definizione monolingua e traduzione work

Inglese grammatica



work (third-person singular simple present works, present participle working, simple past and past participle worked or rarely wrought)

  1. (intransitive) To do a specific task by employing physical or mental powers.
    He’s working in a bar.
    1. Followed by in. Said of ones workplace (building), or ones department, or ones trade (sphere of business).
      • I work in a national park.
        She works in the human resources department.
        He mostly works in logging, but sometimes works in carpentry.
    2. Followed by as. Said of ones job title
      • I work as a cleaner.
    3. Followed by for. Said of a company or individual who employs.
      • She works for Microsoft.
        He works for the president.
    4. Followed by with. General use, said of either fellow employees or instruments or clients.
      • I work closely with my Canadian counterparts.
        I work with computers.
        I work with the homeless people from the suburbs.

    work (countable and uncountable; plural works)

    1. (uncountable) Labour, employment, occupation, job.
      My work involves a lot of travel.
    2. (uncountable) The place where one is employed.
      He hasn’t come home yet, he’s still at work.
    3. (uncountable) Effort expended on a particular task.
      Holding a brick over your head is hard work.
      It takes a lot of work to write a dictionary.
    4. (uncountable, often in combination) The result of a particular manner of production.
      Theres a lot of guesswork involved.
      Lets take the guess work out of it.
    5. (uncountable, often in combination) Something produced using the specified material or tool.
      Weve got some paperwork to do before we can get started.
      With the rigors of clinical trials, theres a lot of paper work
    6. (countable) A literary, artistic, or intellectual production.
      It is a work of art.
    7. (uncountable, physics) A measure of energy expended in moving an object; most commonly, force times distance. No work is done if the object does not move.
      Work is done against friction to drag a bag along the ground.
    8. (uncountable, thermodynamics) A nonthermal First Law energy in transit between one form or repository and another. Also, a means of accomplishing such transit.[1].
    9. (countable) A fortification.
      William the Conqueror fortified many castles, throwing up new ramparts, bastions and all manner of works.
    10. (uncountable, slang, professional wrestling) The staging of events to appear as real.
Traduzione italiano lavoro |lavorare |opera |impiego |occupazione |funzionare |creazione |fatica |impegno |mestiere |operato |posto di lavoro |studiare |adoperarsi |agire |andare |attività |azionare |azione |camminare |causare |coltivare |commettere |compito |condurre |costruire |creare |daffare |edificare |effettuare |elaborare |esercizio |fabbrica |fare |funzione |lavoro, impiego |manovrare |meccanismo |missione |obbligo |occuparsi di |officina |operare |operazione |plasmare |produrre |provocare |realizzare |sfruttare |work |

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