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michel'le - nicety

(Intro: x6)
Nice and... (James Brown:) ("Nasty! ")
(Ho!) ("HEY! ")

("Make it sound  ❚❚ ") ("HEY! ")

(Verse 1: Michel'le (Dr. Dre))
You know I can  ❚❚  do
Things that, you want me to
The way I appear to you
May not be  ❚❚  to you
So don't get your hopes too high
And don't be like other guys  ❚❚ , baby I'm a get you)
Assuming that every girl is just like that type
(Oh, is that right?)

(Hey  ❚❚ , what's your name?)
Runnin' the same ol' sayin'
(Excuse me, honey, but is  ❚❚  husband married?)
(talking:) No more questions, no more games

Some  ❚❚  think I'm nice
Some people think I'm nasty
But if you really  ❚❚  to know
Just ask meeeeeee...
And I'll say I'm nicety
Hooooo-hoooo-hoooo, say I'm  ❚❚ 

(interlude: x2)
Nice and... ("nasty") ("HEY! ")

(Verse 2: Michel'le (Dr. Dre))
You said you would treat me right
And I'd never be alone
(talking:) But men'll say anything
Just to try to take you home (Yeah, I know that's right)
But don't get your hopes too high
'Cause I've got to keep it tight
And that's the way it will stay
Until I feel it's right (Oh, is that right?)

(Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?)
Runnin the same ol' sayin
(Yo, you comin over? I PROMISE I won't try anything)
(talking:) No more questions, no more games


It's got to be nicety
Hooooo-hoooo-hoooo, say I'm nicety
You can call me nicety
Some people think I'm nice
Some people think I'm nasty
But if you really want to know
Just ask MEEEEEEEE...
And I'll say I'm -

(Dr. Dre:)
Nicety, or whatever you wanna call it
Ask my opinion and I think that all it is
Is just an excuse to givin the boots
For dollar and cents, and remain innocent
Dre with the Ruthless Attack, check it
'Cause all that you talkin about ain't Jack!
Step off of that, try a new approach
You get smoked because I ain't no joke
Yeah, yeah...

(interlude: x2)
Nice and... ("nasty") ("HEY! ")

You can call me nicety
Just say I'm nicety
You can call me nicety
Just call me nicety
Hoooooo-hooooooo-hoooo, just call me nicety

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