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Definizione monolingua abroad




  1. (rare) countries or lands abroad
    • 1929, King George V, widely (and variously) quoted:
      I hate abroad, abroad’s bloody.
    • circa 1991, in New Statesman & Society, Volumes 3–4, page 180:
      I am not, however, a xenophobe: obviously, abroad has some good ideas—arranged marriages, violent revolutions and so on.
    • 2001 March 13, The Earl of Onslow, speaking in the House of Lords, quoted in Hansard:
      That is not a xenophobic remark. I am a xenophiliac; I love abroad. I love foreigners. I just do not like the way that they are running the European agricultural policy.

abroad (comparative more abroad, superlative most abroad)

  1. (dated) At large; widely; broadly; over a wide space
    A tree spreads its branches abroad.
    • (Can we date this quote?) Matthew Prior:
      The fox roams far abroad […]
  2. (dated) Without a certain confine; outside the house; away from ones abode
    to walk abroad
    • p. 1650, John Evelyn, William Bray (editor), Diary, Frederic Warne and Company (publisher, 1818), page 207, entry for 1650 July 7:
      I went to St. James, where another was preaching in the court abroad.
    • 1900, Charles W. Chesnutt, The House Behind the Cedars, Chapter I:
      Was it so irreconcilable, Warwick wondered, as still to peal out the curfew bell, which at nine oclock at night had clamorously warned all negroes, slave or free, that it was unlawful for them to be abroad after that hour, under penalty of imprisonment or whipping?
  3. Beyond the bounds of a country; in foreign countries.
    We have broils at home and enemies abroad.
    • (Can we date this quote?) Thomas Babington Macaulay:
      Another prince […] was living abroad […]
  4. (dated) Before the public at large; throughout society or the world; here and there; widely.
    • (Can we date this quote?) Mark 1-45:
      He went out, and began to publish it much, and to blaze abroad the matter.

Definizione italiano>inglese abroad

  Beyond the borders of a country.
in ogni direzione

Altri significati:

Traduzione 'veloce'

all’estero ,fuori ,all'estero ,estero ,in ogni direzione

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