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  1. third-person plural future active indicative of accid?
    1. ""they will fall down, they will fall upon, they will fall near; they will descend""
    2. ""they will happen (to), they will take place, they will occur, they will befall""

    accident (countable and uncountable; plural accidents)

    1. An unexpected event with negative consequences occurring without the intention of the one suffering the consequences.
      to die by an accident
      • c.1603, William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice, I-iii,
        Wherein I spake of most disastrous chances,
        Of moving accidents by flood and field ...
    2. Any chance event.
    3. (uncountable) Chance.
      • c.1861-1863, Richard Chevenix Trench, in 1888, Letters and memorials, Volume 1,
        Thou camst not to thy place by accident,
        It is the very place God meant for thee; ...
      • 1991,, Robert M. Adams, “Montaigne”, American Scholar, volume 60, number 4, page 589:?
    4. (transport) An unintended event such as a collision that causes damage or death.
      There was a huge accident on I5 involving 15 automobiles.
      My insurance is expensive now, mostly because of those two accidents.
    5. Any property, fact, or relation that is the result of chance or is nonessential.
      Beauty is an accident.
      • 1883, J. P. Mahaffy, Social life in Greece from Homer to Menander?,
        This accident, as I call it, of Athens being situated some miles from the sea, which is rather the consequence of its being a very ancient site, ...
    6. (euphemistic) An instance of incontinence.
    7. (euphemistic) An unintended pregnancy.
    8. (philosophy, logic) A quality or attribute in distinction from the substance, as sweetness, softness.
      • 1902, William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience, Folio Society 2008, p. 171:
        If they went through their growth-crisis in other faiths and other countries, although the essence of the change would be the same [...], its accidents would be different.
    9. (grammar) A property attached to a word, but not essential to it, as gender, number, case.
    10. (geology) An irregular surface feature with no apparent cause.
    11. (heraldry) A point or mark which may be retained or omitted in a coat of arms
    12. (law) casus; such unforeseen, extraordinary, extraneous interference as is out of the range of ordinary calculation.
    13. (military) An unplanned event that results in injury (including death) or occupational illness to person(s) and/or damage to property, exclusive of injury and/or damage caused by action of an enemy or hostile force.
    14. (uncountable, philosophy, rare) Appearance, manifestation.
      • 14thC, Geoffrey Chaucer, The Pardoners Prologue and Tale in The Canterbury Tales,
        These cookes how they stamp, and strain, and grind,
        And turne substance into accident,
        To fulfill all thy likerous talent!
      • 1677, Heraclitus Christianus: or, the Man of Sorrow, chapter 3, page 14:
        But as to Man, all the Fruits of the Earth, all sorts of Herbs, Plants and Roots, the Fishes of the Sea, and the Birds of the Air do not suffice him, but he must disguise, vary, and sophisticate, change the substance into accident, that by such irritations as these, Nature might be provoked, and as it were necessitated.
      • 1989, Iysa A. Bello, The medieval Islamic controversy between philosophy and orthodoxy, page 55:
        Nonetheless, those who have no evidence of the impossibility of the transformation of accident into substance believe that it is death itself which will be actually transformed into a ram on the Day of Resurrection and then be slaughtered.
      • 2005, Muhammad Ali Khalidi, Medieval Islamic philosophical writings, page 175:
        It would also follow that God ought to be able to transmute genera, converting substance into accident, knowledge into ability, black into white, and sound into smell, just as he can turn the inanimate into animate [...]
      • 2010, T. M. Rudavsky, Maimonides, page 142:
        nor can God effect the transmutation of substances (from accident into substance, or substance into accident, or substance without accident).

    Definizione italiano>inglese accident

      transport: unintended collision
      mishap, casualty
      An unexpected occurrence, failure or loss with the potential for harming human life, property or the environment. (Source: TOE / HMD)

    Altri significati:

    Traduzione 'veloce'

    incidente ,accidente ,caso ,disgrazia ,accadimento

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