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action (third-person singular simple present actions, present participle actioning, simple past and past participle actioned)

  1. (transitive, management) To act on a request etc, in order to put it into effect.
    • 2004, Ros Jay, Richard Templar, “Fast thinking: project”, in Fast Thinking Managers Manual[1], edition Second edition, Pearson Education, ISBN 9780273681052, Fast Thinking Leader, page 276:
      ‘Here, give me the minutes of Monday’s meeting. I’ll action your points for you while you get on and sort out the open day.’
    • 2005, Fritz Liebreich, “The physical confrontation: interception and diversion policies in theory and practice”, in Britains Navel and Political Reaction to the Illegal Immigration of Jews to Palestine, 1945-1948[2], Routledge, ISBN 9780714656373, page 196:
      Violent reactions from the Jewish authorities were expected and difficulties of actioning the new guidelines were foreseen.
    • 2007, Great Britain: Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, “Case study: 11257”, in Tax Credits: Getting it wrong? 5th report session 2006-2007[3], The Stationery Office, ISBN 9780102951172, Chapter 2: Changes and developments since June 2005, page 26:
      HMRC said that one reason they had not actioned her appeal was because she had said in her appeal form ‘I am appealing against the overpayment for childcare for 2003-04, 2004-05’, thus implying she was disputing her ‘overpayment’.
  2. (transitive, chiefly archaic) To initiate a legal action against someone.
    • 1856, Thomas Chandler Haliburton, The Attaché: or Sam Slick in England[4], edition New Revised Edition, Stringer & Townsend, Chapter XLVII: The Horse Stealer; or All Trades Have Tricks But Our Own, page 270:
      ‘I have no business to settle with you—arrest me, Sir, at your peril and I’ll action you in law for false imprisonment.’
    • 1844, Robert Mackenzie Daniel, The Grave Digger: A novel by the author of The Scottish Heiress[5], volume I, T. C. Newby, Chapter IX: How the Grave-differ entertained a lady, page 189-190:
      “Scrip threatened me at first with an action for slander—he spoke of actions to the wrong man though—action! no, no no. I should have actioned him—ha! ha! [...]”
    • 1871, Michael Shermer quoting Alfred Russell Wallace, In Darwin’s shadow: The Life and Science of Alfred Russell Wallace[6], Oxford University Press US, ISBN 9780195148305, published 2002, Chapter 10. Heretic Personality, page 261:
      I have actioned him for Libel, but he won’t plead, and says he will make himself bankrupt & won’t pay a penny.
    • 1996, Darryl Mark Ogier, “Discipline: Enforcement”, in Reformation and Society in Guernsey[7], Boydell & Brewer, ISBN 9780851156033, Part Two: The Calvinist Regime, page 148:
      In 1589 the Court went so far as to effect a reconciliation between Michel le Petevin and his wife after she actioned him for ill treatment and adultery with their chambermaid.

action (plural actions)

  1. Something done so as to accomplish a purpose.
  2. A way of motion or functioning.
    Knead bread with a rocking action.
  3. A fast-paced activity.
    an action movie
  4. A mechanism; a moving part or assembly.
    a rifle action
  5. (music): The mechanism, that is the set of moving mechanical parts, of a keyboard instrument, like a piano, which transfers the motion of the key to the sound-making device.[1]
  6. (slang) sexual intercourse.
    She gave him some action.
  7. The distance separating the strings and the fretboard on the guitar.
  8. (military) Combat.
    He saw some action in the Korean War.
  9. (law) A charge or other process in a law court (also called lawsuit and actio).
  10. (mathematics) A homomorphism from a group to a group of automorphisms.
    One of the earliest uses of groups, according to lore, was the study of the action of S_3 on the equilateral triangle.

Definizione italiano>inglese action

  way of motion or functioning
  fast-paced activity
  something done so as to accomplish a purpose
  military: combat
  signifying the start of something
  Attività atta a provocare una decisione del giudice.
  Activity that has as a goal to have a judge take a decision.
  Something done so as to accomplish a purpose.
  An end-user-initiated operation on a selected cube or portion of a cube.
azione legale
  law: A charge
  Attività atta a provocare una decisione del giudice.
  Activity that has as a goal to have a judge take a decision.
atto sessuale
azione di guerra

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azione ,azione legale ,meccanismo ,battaglia ,causa

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