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apartment (plural apartments)

  1. A complete domicile occupying only part of a building.
    apartment dwellers
  2. (archaic) A suite of rooms within a domicile, designated for a specific person or persons and including a bedroom.
    • 1726, Jonathan Swift, ""A Voyage to Lilliput"", chapter IV, in Gullivers Travels,
      By this contrivance I got into the inmost court; and, lying down upon my side, I applied my face to the windows of the middle stories, which were left open on purpose, and discovered the most splendid apartments that can be imagined. There I saw the empress and the young princes in their several lodgings, with their chief attendants about them.
  3. (obsolete) A division of an enclosure that is separate from others; a compartment
    • 1883 April 23, Slawson v. Grand Street R. Co., 107 U.S. 649, 2 S.Ct. 663, 664,
      The specification described the ordinary fare-box used in street cars and omnibuses, consisting of two apartments, the one directly above the other.... [T]he passenger deposited his fare in an aperture in the top of the upper apartment. It fell upon and was arrested by a movable platform.... This platform turned on an axis acted on by a lever. When turned, the fare fell into the lower apartment, which was a receptacle for holding the fares accumulated....

Definizione italiano>inglese apartment

  domicile occupying part of a building
  Unità abitativa autonoma che occupa soltanto una parte di una costruzione. Può essere sia propria che prenderla in affitto.
  Self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building. It may be owned or rented.
  domicile occupying part of a building

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