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Definizione monolingua attender




  1. to wait for

attender (plural attenders)

  1. An attendee; one who attends a course, meeting etc.
    • 1850, William Ellis, Alice Ellis, and James Backhouse, The Life and Correspondence of William and Alice Ellis, of Airton, page 305, H. Longstreth
      She was a very constant attender of First-day and week-day meetings, at the meeting places she belonged to
    • 1900, James Wideman Lee, Naphtali Luccock, and James Main Dixon, The Illustrated History of Methodism, page 345, The Methodist Magazine Publishing Co.
      And she continued her infamous trade of procuress, while a zealous and regular attender of the Tabernacle at Tottenham-Court!
    • 1950, Harold Spears, The High School for Today, page 2, American Book Co.
      The great distance that some youth bound to play its part in the case of the borderline student who becomes an infrequent attender and finally drops out of school.
    • 2000, Linda Woodhead and Paul Heelas, Religion in Modern Times: An Anthology, page 401, Blackwell Publishing
      If there is no spiritual distinction between member and attender, the question is asked, Why have membership at all?
  2. (metaphysics) The subject; one who experiences.
    • 1873, Sara S. Hennell, Present Religion: As a Faith Owning Fellowship with Thought, page 159, Trübner and Co.
      the whole process of ages’-long mentalization, of which our present ability of conceiving “Mind” forms only the culmination, and by no means the constant attender.
    • 1954, Wilmon Henry Sheldon, God and Polarity: A Synthesis of Philosophies, page 48, Yale University Press
      Activity of attention for the sake of knowledge changes only the mind of the attender and is resisted only by the habits, biases, laziness and the like
    • 1996 July, Daniel A. Helminiak, The Human Core of Spirituality: Mind as Psyche and Spirit, page 53, State University of New York Press
      The other aspect pertains to the subject’s own subjectivity, those qualities that constitute the subject as the experiencer or attender.

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famulo ,presente

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