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Definizione monolingua automatic



automatic (plural automatics)

  1. A car with automatic transmission.
    I never learned to drive a stick. I can only drive an automatic.
  2. A semi-automatic firearm.

automatic (not comparable)

  1. Capable of operating without external control or intervention.
    The automatic clothes washer was a great labor-saving device
  2. Done out of habit or without conscious thought.
    The reaction was automatic: flight!
  3. (of a firearm such as a machine gun) Firing continuously as long as the trigger is pressed until ammunition is exhausted.
  4. (computing, of a local variable) Automatically added to and removed from the stack during the course of function calls.

Definizione italiano>inglese automatic

  acting without conscious thought
  capable of operating without external control
  describing a firearm which fires continuously
  Occuring spontaneously or without intervention.
  Pertaining to something that functions without external control.

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automatico |automatica |

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