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Definizione monolingua by




  1. be

by (plural bys)

  1. (card games) A pass

by (not comparable)

  1. Out of the way, subsidiary.


  1. Along a path which runs by the speaker.
    I watched as it passed by.
  2. In the vicinity, near.
    There was a shepherd close by.
    The shop is hard by the High Street.
  3. To or at a place, as a residence or place of business.
    Ill stop by on my way home from work.
    Were right near the lifeguard station. Come by before you leave.
  4. Aside, away.
    The women spent much time after harvest putting jams by for winter and spring.


  1. Near or next to.
    The mailbox is by the bus stop.
  2. At some time before (the given time), or before the end of a given time interval.
    Be back by ten oclock!
    We will send it by the first week of July.
  3. Indicates the actor in a clause with its verb in the passive voice Through the action or presence of.
    The matter was decided by the chairman.
    The boat was swamped by the water.
    He was protected by his body armour.
    • 2011 September 28, Jon Smith, “Valencia 1 - 1 Chelsea”, BBC Sport:
      Valencia threatened sporadically in the first half with Miguel having a decent effort deflected wide by Ashley Cole, while Jordi Albas near-post cross was flicked into the sidenetting by Pablo Hernandez.
  4. Indicates the creator of a work Existing through the authorship etc of.
    There are many well-known plays by William Shakespeare
  5. Indicates the cause of a condition or event Through the action of, caused by, responsibility for; by dint of.
    • 1874, Thomas Hardy, Far from the Madding Crowd, 2005 Barnes & Noble Classics publication of 1912 Wessex edition, p109:
      In other directions the fields and sky were so much of one colour by the snow that it was difficult in a hasty glance to tell whereabouts the horizon occurred [...]
  6. Indicates a means Involving/using the means of.
    I avoided the guards by moving only when they werent looking.
  7. Indicates a source of light (medium emanating from hot sources)
    • 1945, Neva L. Boyd, Handbook of Recreational Games, 1975 Dover edition, ISBN 0486232042, page 16 [1]:
      Players: Can we get there by candlelight?
      Gatekeepers: Yes and back again.
    • 1960, Dr. Seuss, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish:
      By the light of the moon, / by the light of a star / they walked all night […]
  8. Indicates a rule followed Using the rules or logic of.
    I sorted the items by category.
  9. Indicates the amount of some progression With a change of.
    Our stock is up by ten percent.
  10. In the formulae X by X and by Xs, indicates a steady progression, one X after another.
    We went through the book page by page.
    We crawled forward by inches.
  11. Indicates a referenced source According to.
    He cheated by his own admission.
  12. Indicates an oath With the authority of.
    By Jove! I think shes got it!
    By all that is holy, Ill put an end to this.
  13. Used to separate dimensions when describing the size of something.
    It is easy to invert a 2 by 2 matrix.
    The room was about 4 foot by 6 foot.
    We used 10 by 20 by 30 cm bricks to build the wall.""


  1. in order to

Definizione italiano>inglese by

  indicates creator of a work
  indication of passive voice
  indicating amount of progression
  some time before the given time
  indicates a rule followed
  near, or next to
  near, or next to
accanto a
da parte di
oltre da
per mezzo di
vicino a

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Traduzione 'veloce'

da |del |entro |per |vicino |accanto |a |accanto a |al |attraverso |con |cvicino |da parte di |davanti |dentro |di |in |mediante |oltre |oltre da |per mezzo di |presso |secondo |su |verso |via |vicino a |

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