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dough (third-person singular simple present doughs, present participle doughing, simple past and past participle doughed)

  1. (transitive) To make into dough.
    The flour was doughed with a suitable quantity of water.

dough (usually uncountable; plural doughs)

  1. A thick, malleable substance made by mixing flour with other ingredients such as water, eggs, and/or butter, that is made into a particular form and then baked.
    Pizza dough is very stretchy.
  2. (slang) Money.
    His mortgage payments left him short on dough.

Definizione italiano>inglese dough

  mix of flour and other ingredients
  mix of flour and other ingredients
impasto per il pane

Altri significati:

Traduzione 'veloce'

pasta |impasto |impasto per il pane |

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