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Definizione monolingua eye



eye (third-person singular simple present eyes, present participle eyeing or eying, simple past and past participle eyed)

  1. To observe carefully.
    After eying the document for an hour she decided not to sign it.
    They went out and eyed the new car one last time before deciding.
  2. To view something narrowly, as a document or a phrase in a document.
  3. To look at someone or something as if with the intent to do something with that person or thing.

eye (plural eyes or (obsolete) eyen)

  1. An organ that is sensitive to light, which it converts to electrical signals passed to the brain, by which means animals see.
  2. The visual sense.
    The car was quite pleasing to the eye, but impractical.
  3. Attention, notice.
    That dress caught her eye.
  4. The ability to notice what others might miss.
    He has an eye for talent.
  5. A meaningful stare or look.
    She was giving him the eye at the bar.
    When the car cut her off, she gave him the eye.
  6. A private eye: a privately hired detective or investigator.
    • 2003, Erik Larson, The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America, Random House, ISBN 0609608444, page 199
      Far more annoying were the letters from parents of missing daughters and the private detectives who had begun showing up at his door. Independently of each other, the Cigrand and Conner families had hired “eyes” to search for their missing daughters.
  7. A hole at the blunt end of a needle through which thread is passed.
  8. A fitting consisting of a loop of metal or other material, suitable for receiving a hook or the passage of a cord or line.
  9. The relatively clear and calm center of a hurricane or other such storm.
  10. A mark on an animal, such as a peacock or butterfly, resembling a human eye.
  11. The dark spot on a black-eyed pea.
  12. A reproductive bud in a potato.
  13. (informal) The dark brown center of a black-eyed Susan flower.

Definizione italiano>inglese eye

  of a hurricane
  ability to notice what others might miss
  Organo sensibile alla luce, che la converte in segnali elettrici al cervello, mezzo per il quale gli animali e gli esseri umani possono vedere.
  The organ that is sensitive to light, which it converts to electrical signals passed to the brain, by which means animals see.
  Centro di una tempesta, attorno al quale i venti soffiano.
  The centre of a storm, around which, the winds blow.
  hole in needle
  Il buco di un'ago attraverso il quale viene inserito il filo.
  The hole in a needle through which the thread runs
  Un punto nero in una patata sbucciata, di solito se ne trovano più di uno.
  The dark spot on the surface under the skin of a potato, of which there are usually several.

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occhio |cruna |gemma |adocchiare |asola |guardare |occhi |occhieggiare |occhiello |occhjiu |oculare |sguardo |vista |

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