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fell (third-person singular simple present fells, present participle felling, simple past and past participle felled)

  1. (transitive) To make something fall; especially to chop down a tree.
    • 2011 October 2, Aled Williams, “Swansea 2 - 0 Stoke”, BBC Sport Wales:
      Sinclair opened Swanseas account from the spot on 8 minutes after a Ryan Shawcross tackle had felled Wayne Routledge.

fell (plural fells)

  1. That portion of a kilt, from the waist to the seat, where the pleats are stitched down
  2. An animal skin, hide

fell (comparative feller, superlative fellest)

  1. Of a strong and cruel nature; eagre and unsparing; grim; fierce; ruthless; savage.
    one fell swoop
    • 1960, P. G. Wodehouse, Jeeves in the Offing, chapter XIX:
      No words had been exchanged between Upjohn and self on the journey out, but the glimpses I had caught of his face from the corner of the eyes had told me that he was grim and resolute, his supply of the milk of human kindness plainly short by several gallons. No hope, it seemed to me, of turning him from his fell purpose.
  2. (UK dialectal, Scotland) Strong and fiery; biting; keen; sharp; pungent; clever.
  3. Having an extremely cruel or irrational trait.

fell (comparative more fell, superlative most fell)

  1. Sharply; fiercely.

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abbattere |amputare |atterrare |crudele |pass. di to fall |pelle |pendio roccioso |tagliare |

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