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fine (third-person singular simple present fines, present participle fining, simple past and past participle fined)

  1. (transitive) to make finer, purer, or cleaner
  2. (intransitive) to become finer, purer, or cleaner
  3. (transitive) to clarify (wine and beer) by filtration

fine (plural fines)

  1. Fine champagne; French brandy.
    • 1936, Djuna Barnes, Nightwood, Faber & Faber 2007, p. 18:
      He refilled his glass. ‘The fine is very good,’ he said.
  2. (usually plural) something that is fine; fine particles
    • They filtered silt and fines out of the soil.

fine (comparative finer, superlative finest)

  1. Of superior quality.
    • The tree frog that they encountered was truly a fine specimen.
    • Only a really fine wine could fully complement Lucías hand-made pasta.
  2. Of a particular grade of quality, usually between very good and very fine, and below mint.
    • The small scratch meant that his copy of X-Men #2 was merely fine when it otherwise would have been near mint.
  3. (of weather) Sunny and not raining.
  4. (informal) Being acceptable, adequate, passable, or satisfactory.
    • ""How are you today?"" ""Fine.""
    • ""Will this one do? Its got a dent in it"" ""Yeah, itll be fine, I guess.""
    • ""Its fine with me if you stay out late, so long as youre back by three.""
  5. (informal) Good-looking, attractive.
    • ""That man is so fine that Id jump into his pants without a moments hesitation.""
  6. Consisting of especially minute particulate; made up of particularly small pieces.
    • Grind it into a fine powder.
    • When she touched the artifact, it collapsed into a heap of fine dust.
  7. Particularly slender; especially thin, narrow, or of small girth.
    • The threads were so fine that you had to look through a magnifying glass to see them.
  8. Made of slender or thin filaments.
    • They protected themselves from the small parasites with a fine wire mesh.
  9. Subtle, delicately balanced.
    • The fine distinction between lender of last resort and a bail-out ... (The Independent).
  10. (cricket) Behind the batsman and at a small angle to the line between the wickets.
    • ... to nudge it through the covers (or tickle it down to fine leg) for a four ...

fine (comparative more fine, superlative most fine)

  1. expression of agreement

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multa |bello |contravvenzione |fine |ammenda |bella |multare |carino |delicato |pena |abbastanza |acre |acuta |acuto |affilato |aguzzo |amabile |appuntito |aspro |bene |bravo |buono |eccellente |elegante |fino |grazioso |magnifico |minuscolo |minuto |molto bene |penale |penetrante |perfetto |piano |piccante |piccolo |pregiato |puro |raffinare |sano |sanzione pecuniaria |semplice |snello |sottile |spiritoso |squisito |tagliente |

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