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free (third-person singular simple present frees, present participle freeing, simple past and past participle freed)

  1. (transitive) To make free; set at liberty; release; rid of that which confines, limits, embarrasses, or oppresses.

free (plural frees)

  1. (Australian rules football, Gaelic football) Abbreviation of free kick.
    • 2006, [1]:
      Whether deserved or not, the free gave Cresswell the chance to cover himself in glory with a shot on goal after the siren.
  2. free transfer
    • 2011 September 21, Sam Lyon, “Man City 2 - 0 Birmingham”, BBC Sport:
      Hargreaves, who left Manchester United on a free during the summer, drilled a 22-yard beauty to open the scoring.
  3. (hurling) The usual means of restarting play after a foul is committed, where the non-offending team restarts from where the foul was committed.

free (comparative freer, superlative freest)

  1. Not imprisoned or enslaved.
    a free man
  2. Obtainable without any payment.
    The government provides free health care.
  3. (by extension, chiefly advertising slang) Obtainable without additional payment, as a bonus given when paying for something else.
    Buy a TV to get a free DVD player!
  4. Unconstrained.
    He was given free rein to do whatever he wanted
  5. (mathematics) Unconstrained by relators.
    The free group on three generators
  6. (mathematics, logic) Unconstrained by quantifiers.
    z is the free variable in """".
  7. Unobstructed, without blockages.
    The drain was free.
  8. Not in use
    Go sit on this chair, its free.
  9. Without obligations.
    free time
  10. (software) With very few limitations on distribution or improvement.
    OpenOffice is free software.
  11. Without; not containing (what is specified).
    We had a wholesome, filling meal, free of meat
  12. (programming) Of identifiers, not bound.
  13. (botany, mycology) Not attached; loose.
    In this group of mushrooms, the gills are free.
    • 1992, Rudolf M. Schuster, The Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of North America: East of the Hundredth Meridian, volume V, page 7
      Furthermore, the free anterior margin of the lobule is arched toward the lobe and is often involute […]
  14. (of a morpheme) That can be used by itself, unattached to another morpheme.

free (comparative more free, superlative most free)

  1. Without needing to pay.
    I got this bike free.

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libero |gratis |gratuito |liberare |free |libre |disponibile |gratuitamente |abbondante |affrancare |assolvere |disfare |disimpegnare |disoccupato |dissolvere |emancipare |esentare |esente |esimere |esonerare |finire |folle |francare |franco |generoso |gratùita |gratùito |inattivo |indipendente |invano |libera |liberamente |migliorare |ozioso |privo |privo di |rilasciare |riscattare |risolvere |salvare |sbloccare |sciogliere |sciolto |senza |spoglio |svincolare |tempo libero |terminare |

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