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Definizione monolingua gender



gender (third-person singular simple present genders, present participle gendering, simple past and past participle gendered)

  1. to engender

gender (plural genders)

  1. (grammar) A division of nouns and pronouns (and sometimes of other parts of speech), such as masculine, feminine, neuter or common.
  2. (obsolete) A division between classes or kinds.
  3. The mental analog of sex: ones maleness, femaleness, etc., as seen from their own perspective.
    Susans gender is neither male nor female; ze identifies as two-spirit.
  4. A socio-cultural phenomenon that divides people into various categories such as ""male"" and ""female,"" with each having associated dress, roles, stereotypes, etc.
    Gender in Western society is often viewed as a binary entity, with only males & females.

Definizione italiano>inglese gender

  grammar: division of nouns and pronouns
  division between classes or kinds
  Either of two main divisions (either male or female) into which many organisms can be placed, according to reproductive function or organs.
  To become pregnant.

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Traduzione 'veloce'

genere |sesso |procreare |specie |

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