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Definizione monolingua generation



generation (plural generations)

  1. The act of generating or begetting; procreation, as of animals.
  2. Origination by some process, mathematical, chemical, or vital; production; formation; as, the generation of sounds, of gases, of curves, etc
  3. That which is generated or brought forth; progeny; offspring.
  4. A period of around thirty years, the average amount of time before a child takes the place of its parents.
  5. A single step or stage in the succession of natural descent; a rank or remove in genealogy, or collectively the body of people who are of the same genealogical rank or remove from an ancestor; the mass of beings living at one time.
    This is the book of the generations of Adam - Genesis 5:1
    Ye shall remain there [in Babylon] many years, and for a long season, namely, seven generations - Baruch 6:3
    All generations and ages of the Christian church - Richard Hooker
  6. Race; kind; family; breed; stock.
    Thy mothers of my generation; whats she, if I be a dog? - Shakespeare, Timon of Athens, I-iii
  7. (geometry) The formation or production of any geometrical magnitude, as a line, a surface, a solid, by the motion, in accordance with a mathematical law, of a point or a magnitude; as, the generation of a line or curve by the motion of a point, of a surface by a line, a sphere by a semicircle, etc.
  8. (biology) The aggregate of the functions and phenomena which attend reproduction.
    ""There are four modes of generation in the animal kingdom: scissiparity or by fissiparous generation, gemmiparity or by budding, germiparity or by germs, and oviparity or by ova""

Definizione italiano>inglese generation

  La produzione o formazione di qualcosa.
  The production or creation of something.
  All of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively.
  A concept used to distinguish stored versions of a set of files. The oldest is called the grandfather, the next oldest is the father, and the newest is the son.

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