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hallow (third-person singular simple present hallows, present participle hallowing, simple past and past participle hallowed)

  1. (transitive) To make holy, to sanctify.
    • 1847, Charles Swain, Dramatic Chapters: Poems and Songs, D. Bogue, page 324:
      Come hallow the goblet with something more true / Than words we forget in a minute.

hallow (plural hallows)

  1. (archaic) A holy person; a saint.
    All Hallows Eve (or Halloween), the night before All Hallows Day (now more commonly known as ""All Saints Day"").

hallow (comparative more hallow, superlative most hallow)

  1. Alternative spelling of hollow.
    • 1902, National Council of Geography Teachers (U.S.), The Journal of Geography, National Council for Geographic Education:
      If the sun were a hallow sphere of its present size and the earth were placed at the center, the moon could [...]. Such a hallow sphere would hold more than a million balls the size of the earth.
    • 2003, George A. Lyall, To a Different Drummer: A Familys Story, Xlibris Corporation, ISBN 1401072860, page 208:
      But it was not a hallow victory.

Definizione italiano>inglese hallow

  to sanctify
  holy person

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santificare |santo |consacrare |venerare |

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