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harangue (third-person singular simple present harangues, present participle haranguing, simple past and past participle harangued)

  1. (transitive) To give a forceful and lengthy lecture or criticism to someone.
    The angry motorist leapt from his car to harangue the other driver.
    • 1814, Jane Austen, Mansfield Park, Ch XV:
      This picture of her consequence had some effect, for no one loved better to lead than Maria; and with far more good-humour she answered, ""I am much obliged to you, Edmund; you mean very well, I am sure: but I still think you see things too strongly; and I really cannot undertake to harangue all the rest upon a subject of this kind. There would be the greatest indecorum, I think.""

harangue (plural harangues)

  1. An impassioned, disputatious public speech.
  2. A tirade or rant, whether spoken or written.
    She gave her son a harangue about the dangers of playing in the street.
    The priest took thirty minutes to deliver his harangue on timeliness, making the entire service run late.
    • 1895, Stephen Crane, The Red Badge of Courage, Ch X:
      But he continued his harangue without waiting for a reply.

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