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heartbeat (plural heartbeats)

  1. One pulsation of the heart; especially an irregular one, hence the emotion which causes it.
    The policeman waited for a heartbeat in vain
    He alone gives me such heartbeats
  2. The rhythm at which a heart pulsates, a cardiac indicator
    If your heartbeat doesnt normalize soon, consult a doctor!
  3. A driving impulse or vital force.
    Music is the heartbeat of the people.
  4. A very short space of time; an instant.
    The ambulance arrived in a heartbeat.
  5. (computing) A periodic signal generated by hardware or software to indicate normal operation or to synchronize other parts of a system.

Definizione italiano>inglese heartbeat

battito cardiaco
  the rhythm at which a heart pulsates
battito del cuore
  the rhythm at which a heart pulsates
battito del polso
  the rhythm at which a heart pulsates
  A message generated by an agent that tells its management server that the agent is functioning. It also informs Operations Manager about the current rules that are evaluated by the agent, and if it is necessary, it requests updates.
  the rhythm at which a heart pulsates

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battito cardiaco |battito del cuore |battito del polso |heartbeat |pulsazione |battito |palpito |

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