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  1. to love

hero (plural heroes)

  1. (Can we clean up(+) this sense?) A real or mythical person of great bravery who carries out extraordinary deeds.
    • 1986 August 10, “Cancer victim some kind of hero”, The Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA:
      ""Im no hero,"" insists freckle-faced 14-year-old Freddie Hanberry. But to many of the young cancer patients, nurses and staff at University Medical Center here, he is as close as you can get. The ""hero"" talk began when a national magazine featured Hanberry, who has leukemia, in a special section called ""100 New American Heroes.""
    • 1993, Susanne Baxandall; Prasuna Reddy, The Courage to Care: The Impact of Cancer on the Family:
      Every cancer victim is a true hero.
    • 2011 September 12, Eileen Faust, “5-year-old Phoenixville cancer victim loses fight”, The Mercury:
      She is my hero, my heart, my baby till the end of time,” said Gabbys father
    • 2011 September 12, Jen Armstrong, “Sherrill honors heroes of 9/11”, Oneida Dispatch:
      Each flag represents a hero, Andrews said, whether a first responder or victim of 9/11, active, fallen, or retired military, special friend or family member.
  2. A role model.
  3. The main protagonist in a work of fiction.
  4. (Can we clean up(+) this sense?) A champion.
  5. A large sandwich made from meats and cheeses; a hero sandwich.
  6. (food styling, chiefly attributive) The product chosen from several candidates to be photographed.
    • 2003, Solomon H. Katz, William Woys Weaver, Encyclopedia of Food and Culture
      The preparation of the hero food involves any number of specialized techniques food stylists have developed to deal with the demands of photographing food.
    • 2008, Linda Bellingham, Jean Ann Bybee, Brad G. Rogers, Food Styling for Photographers (page 8)
      Protect the hero food. Whether the hero items are on a table in the studio or in the refrigerator, freezer, etc., be sure they are identified as hero items and not for consumption.
    • 2008, David Random, Defying Gravity (page 24)
      The food stylists this day had spent inordinate amounts of time preparing the hero product for a close-up scene.

Definizione italiano>inglese hero

  person of great bravery

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eroe |protagonista |

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