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homage (plural homages)

  1. (historical) In feudalism, the formal oath of a vassal to honor his or her lords rights.
    • 1593, William Shakespeare, Two Gentlemen of Verona
      Well do thee homage, and be ruld by thee,
      Love thee as our commander and our king.
  2. A demonstration of respect, such as towards an individual after their retirement or death
    • 1792, Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Women
      When a man squeezes the hand of a pretty woman, ... she will consider such an impertinent freedom in the light of an insult, if she have any true delicacy, instead of being flattered by this unmeaning homage to beauty.
    • 2006, New York Times
      It’s appropriate that we pay homage to them and the sacrifices they made.
  3. An artistic work imitating another in a flattering style. (This is a recent borrowing from French usage, and is often pronounced /o??m???/; see hommage, which preserves the French spelling.)
    • 2002, Dawsons Creek (TV, episode 6.01)
      He likes to tell people that its a Hitchcockian thriller, but thats kind of like saying Happy Gilmore is a homage to Woody Allen.

Definizione italiano>inglese homage

  Manifestazione di stima e rispetto.
  Manifestation of esteem and respect.

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