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hot (third-person singular simple present hots, present participle hotting, simple past and past participle hotted) (especially when followed by up)

  1. To heat, or to become hot
  2. To become lively or exciting

hot n.

  1. a threat

hot (comparative hotter, superlative hottest)

  1. Of an object, having a high temperature.
    He forgot the frying pan was hot, and dropped it suddenly.
  2. Of the weather, causing the air to be hot.
    It is too hot to be outside.
    It is hotter in summer than in winter.
  3. Of a person or animal, feeling the sensation of heat, especially to the point of discomfort.
    I was so hot from being in the sun too long.
    Arent you hot with that thick coat on?
  4. Feverish.
  5. Of food, spicy.
    Before moving to India, I never ate hot food. The Indians love spicy food.
  6. (informal) Very good, remarkable, exciting. [from the 19th c.]
    Hes a hot young player, we should give him a trial.
  7. Stolen. [from the 20th c.]
    hot merchandise
  8. (incomparable) Electrically charged
    a hot wire
  9. (informal) Radioactive. [from the 20th c.]
  10. (slang) Of a person, very physically or sexually attractive.
    That girl is hot!
  11. (slang) Sexual; involving sexual intercourse or sexual excitement.
    • (Can we date this quote?) Rick R. Reed, Moving Toward The Light, ISBN 1609824288, page 50:
      There was only one problem. Paul was HIV positive. And just a few weeks after his hot encounter with Max, a letter arrived for him, containing some legalese about HIV infection being a criminal act, with a few chilling words
  12. Popular; in demand.
    His new pickup is hot!
  13. Very close to finding or guessing something to be found or guessed.
    Am I warm yet?Youre hot!
  14. Performing strongly; having repeated successes
    • 1938 Harold M. Sherman, ""Shooting Stars,"" Boys Life (March 1938), Published by Boy Scouts of America, p5
      ""Keep going! Youre hot tonight!"" urged Wally.
    • 2002 Peter Krause & Andy King, Play-By-Play Golf, First Avenue Editions, p55
      The ball lands on the fairway, just a couple of yards in front of the green. ""Nice shot Sarah! Youre hot today!"" Jenny says.
  15. Fresh; just released
    • 1960 Super Markets of the Sixties: Findings, recommendations.- v. 2. The plans and sketches, Super Market Institute, p30
      A kid can stand in the street and sell newspapers, if the headlines are hot.
    • 2000 David Cressy, Travesties and transgressions in Tudor and Stuart England: tales of discord and dissension, Oxford University Press, p34
      Some of these publications show signs of hasty production, indicating that they were written while the news was hot.
  16. Uncomfortable, difficult to deal with; awkward, dangerous, unpleasant.
    • 1997, David Wojnarowicz; Amy Scholder, The Waterfront Journals:
      Ive been living here a few weeks and its starting to get a little hot for me . . . Ive written myself out of several states in the last six years
    • 1999, Sam Llewellyn, The shadow in the sands, page 68:
      The police are looking for an anarchist who answers my description, seen leaving the house the day before the fire; there was an explosion ... So what with one thing and another, His Grace thinks the country a little hot for me now
    • 2004, Meredith Blevins, The Hummingbird Wizard:
      ""Things are a little hot for us in San Francisco. Well burn the vardo at Drakes Bay and then head to your place."" ""Things are hot, so youre heading to my place?"" ""Hots not a big deal. Just a matter of jurisdiction and time.
    • 2008, Charlaine Harris; Toni L. P. Kelner, Wolfsbane and Mistletoe, page 287:
      Id also thought things might have gotten a little hot for him in Atlantic City, so hed moved West to its bigger, badder cousin, where he wasnt as well known

Definizione italiano>inglese hot

  having a high temperature
  of the weather
  Having a high temperature.
avere caldo
  feeling the sensation of heat
  Pertaining to the highest rating of perceived interest that an account, opportunity, or lead has in a product or service.
  Sexually attractive.
  The quality or state of being warm.
  Having a high temperature.
  Sexually attractive.

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