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hyperinflation (plural hyperinflations)

  1. (economics) A very high rate of Inflation[1].
    • 1985, Leon N. Lindberg, Charles S. Maier, Brian M. Barry, The Politics of inflation and economic stagnation, page 74
      Even though ten years elapsed between the German hyperinflation of 1923 and the seizure of power by Hitler, it is often suggested that the two events are causally related.
    • 1987, Philip Cagan, ""Hyperinflation"", in The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics
      Only inconvertible paper currencies can be expanded rapidly without limit to generate hyperinflation.
    • 2004, John Barkley Rosser, Marina V. Rosser, Comparative Economics in a Transforming World Economy, page 236
      When hyperinflation peaked, wheelbarrows full of money were required to shop for groceries.

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