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Definizione monolingua if



if (plural ifs)

  1. (informal) An uncertainty, possibility, condition, doubt etc.
    • 1709, Susannah Centlivre, The Busy Body, Act III, in John Bell (ed.), British Theater, J. Bell (1791), page 59,
      Sir Fran. Nay, but Chargy, if——— ¶ Miran. Nay, Gardy, no Ifs.——Have I refusd three northern lords, two British peers, and half a score knights, to have put in your Ifs?
    • 1791 January, ""Richard?on’s Chemical Principles of the Metallic Arts"", in The Monthly Review, R. Griffiths, page 176,
      Well might Bergman add, (in his Scicgraphia,), “if the compari?on that has been made, &c. be ju?t.” The pre?ent writer makes no ifs about the matter, and has ?uperadded a little inaccuracy of his own, […]


  1. Supposing that, assuming that, in the circumstances that; used to introduce a condition or choice.
    If it rains, I will get wet.
  2. Supposing that; used with past subjunctive indicating that the condition is not fulfilled.
    Id prefer it if you took your shoes off.
  3. Although; used to introduce a concession.
    He was a great friend, if a little stingy at the bar.
  4. (computing) In the event that a statement is true (a programming statement that acts in a similar manner).
    If A, then B, else C.
  5. Whether; used to introduce a noun clause as the object of certain verbs.
    I dont know if I want to go or not.
    • 1715–1717, Matthew Prior, Alma; or, The Progress of the Mind, Canto III:
      Quoth Matthew, “ […] / She doubts if two and two make four, / […] ”
  6. (usually hyperbolic) Even if; even in the circumstances that.
    • 2004, David Lee Murphy and Kim Tribble (writers), Montgomery Gentry (singers), “If It’s The Last Thing I Do” (song), in You Do Your Thing (album):
      If it’s the last thing I do / If it takes me from Tubilo to Timbuktu / If it’s the last thing I do / I’m gonna dodge every road block, speed trap, county cop / To get my hands on you / If it’s the last thing I do.

Definizione italiano>inglese if

  supposing that
  The introduction of a condition or decision.
anche se
caso che
come se
se mai

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Traduzione 'veloce'

se |anche se |caso che |come se |qualora |quando |se mai |semmai |

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