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Definizione monolingua ill



ill (plural ills)

  1. (often pluralized) Trouble; distress; misfortune; adversity.
    Music wont solve all the worlds ills, but it can make them easier to bear.
  2. Harm or injury.
    I wouldnt want you to do me ill.
  3. Evil; moral wrongfulness.
    Sociopaths do not seem to grasp the difference between good and ill.
  4. A physical ailment; an illness.
    I am incapacitated by rheumatism and other ills.
  5. Unfavorable remarks or opinions.
    Do not speak ill of the dead.
  6. (US, slang) PCP, phencyclidine

ill (comparative more ill, superlative most ill)

  1. (obsolete) Evil; wicked (of people). [13th-19th c.]
  2. (archaic) Morally reprehensible (of behaviour etc.); blameworthy. [from 13th c.]
    • 1999, George RR Martin, A Clash of Kings, Bantam 2011, p. 2:
      ‘Go bring her. It is ill to keep a lady waiting.’
  3. Indicative of unkind or malevolent intentions; harsh, cruel. [from 14th c.]
    He suffered from ill treatment.
  4. Unwell in terms of health or physical condition; sick. [from 15th c.]
    Ive been ill with the flu for the past few days.
  5. Having an urge to vomit. [from 20th c.]
    Seeing those pictures made me ill.
  6. (hip-hop slang) Sublime, with the connotation of being so in a singularly creative way. [This sense sometimes declines in AAVE as ill, comparative iller, superlative illest.]
    Biggie Smalls is the illest / Your style is played out, like Arnold wonderin ""Whatchu talkin bout, Willis?"" — Biggie Smalls, The What, 1994.
  7. (slang) Extremely bad (bad enough to make one ill). Generally used indirectly with to be.
    That band was ill.

ill (comparative more ill, superlative most ill)

  1. Not well; imperfectly, badly; hardly.
    • 1992, Rudolf M. Schuster, The Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of North America: East of the Hundredth Meridian, volume V, page 3
      In both groups, however, we find copious and intricate speciation so that, often, species limits are narrow and ill defined.
    • 1994, Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom, Abacus 2010, p. 541:
      His inflexibility and blindness ill become a leader, for a leader must temper justice with mercy.
    • 2006, Julia Borossa (translator), Monique Canto-Sperber (quoted author), in Libération, 2002 February 2, quoted in Élisabeth Badinter (quoting author), Dead End Feminism, Polity, ISBN 9780745633800, page 40:
      Is it because this supposes an undifferentiated violence towards others and oneself that I could ill imagine in a woman?

Definizione italiano>inglese ill

  suffering from a disease
  Whose health is altered.
a mala pena

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Traduzione 'veloce'

malato |ammalato |a mala pena |ammalata |avverso |cattivo |danno |dannoso |difficilmente |egro |malamente |male |malsano |nocivo |

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