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  1. mother

me first person singular pronoun, referring to the speaker

  1. As the direct object of a verb.
    Can you hear me?
  2. (obsolete) As a reflexive direct object of a verb.
    1819, John Keats, La Belle Dame sans Merci - And I awoke, and found me here.
  3. As the object of a preposition.
    Come with me.
  4. As the indirect object of a verb.
    He gave me this.
  5. (US, colloquial) As a reflexive indirect object of a verb; the ethical dative.
    1993, Harper’s Magazine, April - When I get to college, I’m gonna get me a white Nissan Sentra.
  6. (colloquial) As the complement of the copula (“be”, “is”).
    It wasnt me.
  7. (Australian, UK, chiefly Northeastern) Preceding a noun, marking ownership.
    Wilfred Owen (1893–1918), The Letter - And give us back me cigarette!
  8. (colloquial) As the subject of a verb, used with and.
    Me and my friends played a game.
  9. (nonstandard) As the subject of a verb, used without and.
    1844, Charles Wilkes, Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition, Vol. II - One of them, whose sobriquet was Big-headed Blackboy, was stretched out before the fire, and no answer could be obtained from him, but a drawling repetition, in grunts of displeasure, of “Bel (not) me want to go.”
    2005, Michael Chapman & Matthew Chapman, Teen Girl Squad Issue 10 (cartoon), part of Homestar Runner - Strong Bad: Me gotta see that again.

me (+accusative)

  1. with (accompanied by)
    Shkoj me tim vëlla.
    Im going with my brother.
  2. with (possessing)
    E sheh djalin me sy të kaltër?
    Do you see the guy with blue eyes?
  3. with (by means of)
    Preferoj të shkruaj penë.
    I prefer to write with a pen.


  1. and

Definizione italiano>inglese me

  object of a preposition
  Il narratore o lo scrittore riferendosi a se stesso, come soggetto dell'azione.
  The speaker or writer referring to himself or herself alone as the object of the action.
  direct object of a verb
  The UI label in Messenger for the aspect of the social view that displays unprioritized recent social activity of the user.
a me

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