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military (plural military or militaries)

  1. Armed forces.
    He spent six years in the military.
  2. (US, with the) U.S. armed forces in general, including the Marine Corps.
    Its not the job of the military to make policy.

military (comparative more military, superlative most military)

  1. Characteristic of members of the armed forces.
    • 1891, Arthur Conan Doyle, “The Boscombe Valley Mystery”, in The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesWikisource:
      ""My dear fellow, I know you well. I know the military neatness which characterises you. You shave every morning, and in this season you shave by the sunlight; but since your shaving is less and less complete as we get farther back on the left side, until it becomes positively slovenly as we get round the angle of the jaw, it is surely very clear that that side is less illuminated than the other. I could not imagine a man of your habits looking at himself in an equal light and being satisfied with such a result.""
  2. (North America) Relating to armed forces such as the army, marines, navy and air force (often as distinguished from civilians or police forces).
  3. Relating to war.
    • 1989, Gregory Flynn, Soviet Military Doctrine and Western Policy?, page 158:
      The only goal pursued by Western defense strategy — to cause the Warsaw Pact to break off an attack — is more military than political in nature.
  4. Relating to armies or ground forces.

Definizione italiano>inglese military

forze armate
  The military units of a state, typically divided by their differing contexts of operations, such as the army, navy, air force and marines.

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forze armate ,armata ,bellico ,esercito ,marziale

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