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miracle (plural miracles)

  1. A wonderful event occurring in the physical world attributed to supernatural powers.
    • Many religious beliefs are based on miracles.
  2. A fortunate outcome that prevails despite overwhelming odds against it
    • 1966 ""A Great Document Made by Wisdom and Luck,"" Life, Vol. 61, No. 22 (25 Nov 1966), p13
      Secondly, it was a miracle that a document hammered out with such difficulty, satisfying very few of its authors completely and satisfying some of them very little, would turn out to be the most successful political invention in history.
    • 1993 Hatch N. Gardner & Frank H. Winter, P-51 Mustang, Turner Publishing Company, p78
      It was a miracle that I survived that ditching in the high waves because I had my seat belt and shoulder harness unbuckled in anticipation of bailing out.
    • 2003 Eric Lionel Jones, The European miracle: environments, economies, and geopolitics in the history of Europe and Asia, Cambridge University Press, p218
      Seen in this light it was a miracle of economic history that Europe was able to undertake so much higher a proportion of its expansion overseas, and secure a massive injection of resources and big markets without a commensurate growth in her numbers.
  3. An awesome and exceptional example of something
    • 1847 Honoré de Balzac, Scenes from a Courtesans Life, p323
      The home of our kings, over which you tread as you pace the immense hall known as the Salle des Pas-Perdus, was a miracle of architecture.
    • 2008 Joseph R. Conlin, The American Past: A Survey of American History, Cengage Learning, p670
      It was a miracle of engineering that made possible, with the cheap electricity the dam generated, another kind of miracle: the bizarre, superilluminated city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Definizione italiano>inglese miracle

  wonderful event attributed to supernatural powers

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miracolo |meraviglia |mostro |prodigio |

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