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moon (third-person singular simple present moons, present participle mooning, simple past and past participle mooned)

  1. (transitive, pejorative, colloquial) To display one’s buttocks to, typically in jest, pejoratively, or in protest
  2. (intransitive, colloquial, dated) (usually followed by over or about) To fuss over adoringly or with great affection
    Sarah mooned over Sam’s photograph for months.

moon (plural moons)

  1. Largest satellite of Earth.
  2. Any natural satellite of a planet.
  3. (literary) A month, particularly a lunar month.
    • 1737, John Brickell, The natural history of North-Carolina, page 308-309:
      The number their age by Moons or Winters, and say a Woman or a Man is so many Moons old, and so they do with all memorable Actions in life, accounting it to be so many Moons or Winters since such or such a thing happened. Note: in earlier modern English, many nouns were capitalized, similar to present day German.
    • 1822, Thomas Love Peacock, Maid Marian, page 238:
      Many moons had waxed and waned when on the afternoon of a lovely summer day a lusty broad-boned knight was riding through the forest of Sherwood.

Definizione italiano>inglese moon

  any substantially sized natural satellite of a planet
  largest natural satellite of planet Earth
  Satellite naturale di un pianeta.
  A natural satellite of a planet.
  any substantially sized natural satellite of a planet
mese lunare
  Un mese, particolarmente un mese lunare (normalmente di 28 giorni).
  A month, particularly a lunar month (approximately 28 days).
  Sentire proccupazione e adorazione o molto affetto.
  To fuss over adoringly or with great affection.
stare sulle nuvole
  Immergersi in fantasie o in immagini interiori, avere ancora solo pochi contatti con la realtà.
  To be lost in phantasies or be carried away by some internal vision, having temorarily lost (part of) contact to reality.

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luna |satellite |Luna |mese |mese lunare |sospirare |stare sulle nuvole |lunare |

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