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Definizione monolingua nerve



nerve (third-person singular simple present nerves, present participle nerving, simple past and past participle nerved)

  1. (transitive) To give courage; sometimes with ""up"".
    May their example nerve us to face the enemy.
  2. (transitive) To give strength
    The liquor nerved up several of the men after their icy march.

nerve (plural nerves)

  1. (zoology) A bundle of neurons with their connective tissue sheaths, blood vessels and lymphatics.
    The nerves can be seen through the skin.
  2. (nonstandard, colloquial) A neuron.
  3. (botany) A vein in a leaf; a grain in wood
    Some plants have ornamental value because of their contrasting nerves
  4. Courage, boldness.
    He hasnt the nerve to tell her he likes her, what a wimp!
  5. Patience.
  6. Stamina, endurance, fortitude.
  7. Audacity, gall.
    He had the nerve to enter my house uninvited.
    • 1960, P. G. Wodehouse, Jeeves in the Offing, chapter XVIII:
      “Oh?” she said. “So you have decided to revise my guest list for me? You have the nerve, the – the –” I saw she needed helping out. “Audacity,” I said, throwing her the line. “The audacity to dictate to me who I shall have in my house.” It should have been “whom”, but I let it go. “You have the –” “Crust.” “– the immortal rind,” she amended, and I had to admit it was stronger, “to tell me whom” – she got it right that time – “I may entertain at Brinkley Court and who” – wrong again – “I may not.”
  8. (in the plural) Agitation caused by fear, stress or other negative emotion.

Definizione italiano>inglese nerve

  bundle of neurons
  (botany) vain; grain in wood
  A bundle of neurons with their connective tissue sheaths, blood vessels, and lymphatics.
  agitation caused by a negative emotion
faccia tosta
  (botany) vain; grain in wood

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Traduzione 'veloce'

nervo |nervi |coraggio |faccia tosta |nervatura |sfacciataggine |animo |corda |energia |forza |impudenza |nerbo |rinvigorire |tendine |

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