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nightmare (plural nightmares)

  1. (now rare) A female demon or monster, thought to plague people while they slept and cause a feeling of suffocation and terror during sleep.
    • 1817, Walter Scott, Rob Roy:
      It haunted me, however, more than once, like the nightmare.
  2. A very bad or frightening dream.
    I had a nightmare that I tried to run but could neither move nor breathe.
  3. (figuratively) Any bad, miserable, difficult or terrifying situation or experience that arouses anxiety, terror, agony or great displeasure.
    Cleaning up after identity theft can be a nightmare of phone calls and letters.

Definizione italiano>inglese nightmare

  a bad or difficult experience
  a very bad or frightening dream
  Sogno spiacevole che suscita paura e orrore.
  An unpleasant dream which evokes feelings of fear or horror.

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