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Definizione monolingua once



once f. (plural onces)

  1. ounce
  2. (figuratively, by extension) a little bit

once (not comparable)

  1. (frequency) One and only one time.
    I have only once eaten pizza.
  2. (temporal location) Formerly; during some period in the past.
    He was once the most handsome man around.
    I once had a bicycle just like that one.
  3. (mathematics) multiplied by one: indicating that a number is multiplied by one
    once three is three.


  1. (cardinal) eleven


  1. As soon as; when; after.
    Well get a move on once we find the damn car keys!
    Once you have obtained the elven bow, return to the troll bridge and trade it for the sleeping potion.
    Once he is married, he will be able to claim the inheritance.
    • 2011 September 27, Alistair Magowan, “Bayern Munich 2 - 0 Man City”, BBC Sport:
      Not only were Jupp Heynckes team pacey in attack but they were relentless in their pursuit of the ball once they had lost it, and as the game wore on they merely increased their dominance as City wilted in the Allianz Arena.

Definizione italiano>inglese once

un tempo
  one and only one time
  as soon as
una volta
  One and only one time.
  one and only one time
  as soon as
  as soon as
  as soon as
  as soon as
c’era una volta
non appena
tèmpo fa
un tèmpo
una volta che
una vòlta

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Traduzione 'veloce'

un tempo |una |una volta |volta |appena |che |non |c’era una volta |non appena |prima |subito |tèmpo fa |un tèmpo |una volta che |una vòlta |

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