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Definizione monolingua other



other (third-person singular simple present others, present participle othering, simple past and past participle othered)

  1. (transitive) To make into an other.
    • 2005, Kristen A. Myers, Racetalk: racism hiding in plain sight:
      ""Rican"" is code for its homonym, ""redskin,"" through which they othered this non-Mexican ethnic group.
    • 2006, Angela Pattatucci Aragon, Challenging lesbian norms:
      That is, whilst Lesfest organisers are othering women who are not born female (thus producing a kind of lesbian-normativity), the Australian WOMAN Network is othering women who have not had surgical sex reassignment (thus producing a kind of ""trans-normativity"").
    • 2010, Ronald L. Jackson, I, Encyclopedia of Identity:
      Others with admitted addictions are Othered and sadly, forever stigmatized.
  2. (transitive) To treat as different or separate; segregate; ostracise.
    • 2007, Christopher Emdin, City University of New York. Urban Education, Exploring the contexts of urban science classrooms:
      In this scenario, the young lady who had spoken had been othered by her peers and her response to my question had been dismissed as invalid despite the fact that she was alright.
  3. (transitive) (ethnicity or race) To label as ""other"".
    • 2008, John F. Borland, University of Connecticut, The under-representation of Black females:
      [...] and Black males have not taken her seriously politically (gender); and the color of her skin has marginalized her (race and ""othered"" her when compared with White women, who have also worked to silence her political views.

other (plural others)

  1. An other one.
    One boat is not better than the other.
    Im afraid little Robbie does not always play well with others.

other (comparative more other, superlative most other)

  1. See other (determiner) below
  2. second.
    I get paid every other week.
  3. Alien.
    • 2010,, anonymous, “Letters”, Christian Century, volume 127, number 8, page 6:?
      In Matthews account, the law remains intact, as does virtually everything except that critical belief in Jesus as the Messiah (obviously no small thing), and this is not enough to make Matthew completely other from its Jewish origins.
  4. Different.
    • 2001,, Ralph C. Hancock, “The Modern Revolution and the Collapse of Moral Analogy: Tocqueville and Guizot.”, Perspectives on Political Science, volume 30, number 4, page 213:?
      it is inherent, rather, in the revolutionary attempt of the West to externalize the idea of a source of meaning wholly other than what is embodied in human conventions and hierarchies.

other (not comparable)

  1. Apart from; in the phrase ""other than"".
    Other than that, Im fine.


  1. (obsolete) or
    • 1485, Sir Thomas Malory, Le Morte Darthur, Book VII:
      And if that I had nat had my prevy thoughtis to returne to youre love agayne as I do, I had sene as grete mysteryes as ever saw my sonne Sir Galahad other Percivale, other Sir Bors.

Definizione italiano>inglese other

  The one not previously referred to.
un altro

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altro |altra |diverso |alcuni |altri |altrimenti |differente |diversamente |diversi |quella |quello |resto |un altro |un’altro |àddru-àtru |àndru |àrdru |

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