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Definizione monolingua over




  1. first-person singular present passive subjunctive of ov?

over (plural overs)

  1. (cricket) A set of six legal balls bowled.
  2. Any surplus amount of money, goods delivered, etc.
    • 2008, G. Puttick, Sandy van Esch, The Principles and Practice of Auditing (page 609)
      ...standard cash count forms used to record the count and any overs or unders.

over (comparative more over, superlative most over)

  1. Finished; ended or concluded.
    The show is over.
  2. (as a prefix): To excess.
    He is over-zealous.
    The latest policy was over-conservative.


  1. Again; another time; once more.
    I lost my paper and I had to do the entire assignment over.
  2. Thoroughly; completely; from beginning to end.
    Lets talk over the project at tomorrows meeting.
    Let me think that over.
    Im going to look over our departments expenses.
    Lets go over scene 3 from the top.
  3. From an upright position to being horizontal.
    He tipped the bottle over, and the water came gushing out.
    That building just fell over!
    He bent over to touch his toes.
  4. Horizontally; left to right or right to left.
    Slide the toilet-paper dispensers door over when one roll is empty in order to reveal the other.
    I moved over to make room for him to sit down.
  5. Overnight (throughout the night).
    We stayed over at Grandmas.
    Can I sleep over?


  1. On top of; above; higher than; further up.
    Hold the sign up over your head.
    There is tree over the lawn.
    Climb up the ladder and look over [the roof].
  2. Across or spanning.
    There is a bridge over the river.
  3. In such a way as to cover.
    Drape the fabric over the table.
    There is a roof over the house.
  4. More than; to a greater degree.
    I prefer the purple over the pink.
  5. Beyond; past; exceeding; too much or too far.
    I think I’m over my limit for calories for today.
  6. (mathematics) Divided by.
    four over two equals two over one.
  7. (in certain collocations) As compared to.
    Sales are down this quarter over last.
  8. From one position or state to another.
    Please pass that over to me.
    He came over to our way of thinking on the new project.
    Come over and play!
    Ill bring over a pizza.
  9. From one physical position to another via an obstacle that must be traversed vertically, first upwards and then downwards.
    The dog jumped over the fence.
    Two people approach a fence. Ill go over [the fence] first and then help you.
    Lets walk over the hill to get there.
  10. Finished with; done with; from one state to another via a hindrance that must be solved or defeated; or via a third state that represents a significant difference from the first two.
    We got over the engineering problems and the prototype works great.
    I am over my cold and feel great again.
    I know the referee made a bad call, but you have to get over it [your annoyance with the referees decision].
    She is finally over [the distress of] losing her job.
    He is finally over his [distress over the loss of the relationship with his] ex-girlfriend.
  11. While using, especially while consuming.
    • 1990, Seymour Chatman, Coming to Terms, Cornell, ISBN 0801497361, page 100[1]:
      Six diners in business clothes—five attractive young women and a balding middle-aged man—relax over cigarettes.
    • 1998, Marian Swerdlow, Underground Woman, Temple, ISBN 1566396107, page 88 [2]:
      Sunday had been my favorite day at Woodlawn. A long W.A.A. [=""work as assigned"" period], having coffee and croissants with Mark over the Sunday Times.
    • 2009, Sara Pennypacker, The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery, Scholastic, ISBN 9780545207867, page 79:
      Over meatloaf and mashed potatoes (being careful not to talk with his mouth full), Stanley told about his adventure.
  12. concerning or regarding
    • The two boys had a fight over whose girlfriend was the best.
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    It was a fine victory over their opponents.

Definizione italiano>inglese over

  to excess
  through with
  through with
al di la
  end of sentence in radio communication
più di
  more than
al di sopra
al di sopra di
di qua
di quà

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sopra |finito |terminato |al di la |nuovamente |passo |più di |al di sopra |al di sopra di |attraverso |completamente |da |di qua |di quà |dopo |durante |eccedenza |eccessivamente |esuberante |lungo |oltre |over |per |sopravvento |su |troppo |

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